February 16 – DAY 1

You know when you wake up and are so excited you can hardly sleep any longer because you are catching a flight to some awesome city for the weekend, or going to your best friends wedding, or simply just have a fun day ahead? That is not at all how I felt waking up today. I kept pressing SNOOZE hoping to avoid DAY 1 of my challenge. Eventually I forced myself to get up out of bed and commit myself to this challenge. I started my day with the following workout:
Incline Walk/sprints
42 minutes
570 calories burned
3.7 miles
Ab workout – 300 count
Alternated a variety of abs until I reached 300 total
Crunches, bicycles, full sit-ups, frog-ups.
*At this point I didn’t realize that I probably didn’t need to kill myself on the treadmill, but don’t you worry all of these lessons are ahead.
Then I decided it was time to get some fuel in my body. Personally I prefer to eat after a workout, not before. But whatever works for you personally is how you should schedule your workouts and meals.
Cup of coffee with Almond milk (unsweetened) – I only drank about half the cup because I am what you would call a French Vanilla coffee creamer junkie. This was really hard for me because I live for my coffee in the morning.
2 eggs scrambled with onion and red bell pepper – cooked in bacon fat
2 pieces uncured bacon
Morning Juice ~
Wheat grass
1/2 Banana
Cutie – orange
5 pieces of ice
4 oz coconut water
3 slices pineapple
Today I went to my daughter’s soccer game. It was really windy, but being out in the sun felt really nice.
I wasn’t hungry for lunch but was exhausted!!! Took a 2 hour nap and I am not a napper. I am starting to worry about how this whole thing will effect my work week. I can’t afford to be dragging at work. My days are full and I need my energy.
Shredded chicken salad:
Shredded Chicken
1 whole avocado smashed up
1 celery stalk
1 stalk of green onion chopped
black pepper to taste
Boiled 2 Beets – white and yellow.
Bring water to a boil add pinch of sald – reduce to medium heat and let simmer covered for 45 minutes. Removed from heat, put cold water over beets and scrapped off skin with knife.
Eating plain (b/c I love the way they taste). Beets are like candy!
After Dinner:
Chopped up all of my veggies (red bell peppers, brocolli, carrots, and celery) so they are easy to snack on and grab some for work lunches/snacks.
B12 Supplement
L-Lysine Supplement
February 16th slept 10 hours – had my daughter, my dog and my parents dog in the bed. Although I went to bed at 9(ish) and woke up around 7 I was still tired because of poor sleeping conditions. Everyone always says how essential good sleep is to your health, complexion, life, etc…I need to figure this one out. As a mom there are just some things you cannot control!
Day 1 I would call a success. Beyond the exhaustion I am doing good!

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