February 17 – DAY 2

Day 2: February 17th
Cup of coffee with almond milk – I drank about half the cup again. I really need to figure this out because I am a 3+ cup of coffee a day kind of girl! I typically have vanilla creamer and Splenda in my coffee. I realize that a lot of Paleo people limit coffee drastically or do not drink it at all. I personally do not feel that coffee is a bad thing for us, especially if you don’t drink it filled with coffee creamers and fake sugars. My goal is to figure out this week how to enjoy my coffee.
2 eggs scrambled with onion and red bell pepper – cooked in bacon fat
2 pieces uncured bacon
This is a really easy breakfast. I warm up my skillet, use some bacon fat from previous mornings bacon, saute whatever vegetable you want and then dump those into your scrambled eggs and cook.
Bacon I prefer in the oven. I put the bacon on a cookie sheet (covered in foil). Put the bacon in the oven and turn it to 400* (do not preheat). Then usually 18 minutes later you have perfectly cooked bacon.
1/2 banana
2 Cuties – orange
5 pieces of ice
4 oz coconut water
Lunch – I had left over beets from last nights dinner warmend up. I realize I am eating a lot of sugars right now, but they are all natural sugars and this is my way of satisfying myself to ease into this lifestyle.
Lunges and Planks during breaks of the U of A/ Utah Men’s Basketball game. I am a huge University of Arizona sports fan!!! U of A won by 4…….we should have blown them out of the water. The exercise actually helped with my anxiety from the close game. Ask yourself this….how often can you get up during commercials and do something to better yourself, your body, and your health?
Snack: Almonds raw
Went to park for 30 minutes with my daughter to play – she did most of the playing. I was tired. I chased her around a little, not as much as I should have though.
Cobb Salad –
Romaine lettuce
1/2 Hard Boiled Egg
Grilled Chicken
Lemon for dressing
***I ate out and it was pretty easy to eat Paleo. I was trying to decide between a burger with no bun with avocado, tomato, onion and lettuce and the cobb salad……..salad just sounded more appealing. I have learned over the years, you HAVE TO go with what really sounds appealing. Otherwise you will still feel hungry after you eat because you aren’t satisfied. Obviously this rule has boundaries.
Dessert – at home
3 squares of dark chocolate w/ almonds – 150 calories
(not sure if this is allowed – i know it is allowed on the Primal Blueprint – I need to research. It was 70% Cocoa)
Women’s 1 A Day Supplement
L-Lysine Supplement
I am feeling good. A little tired! I cleaned a ton around my house this weekend. Which believe me cleaning can be a work out. Get down on your ground and scrub the floor, tell me that doesn’t burn a ton of calories!
All of these count as being active. Lifting, squatting, working
arms with the floors.
Today was a success. I did not have any cravings today.

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