February 18 – DAY 3

Day 3: February 18th
JUST ANOTHER MANIC MONDAY ~ no seriously! Why are Mondays so evil?!? Maybe it is just me 😉 Going back to work trying to be good and follow a diet is hard…..you see other people eat like crap and it is SO tempting to just join in. There are cookies on the kitchen counter, sodas in the refrigerator, etc……..but I must have WILL POWER!!
STARBUCKS coffee – I am trying something different because I need my coffee to get through today. I ordered a Venti Pike’s Place roast with two shakes of cinnamon. YUM….. ready to go! I will say one thing about this choice….I believe having a VENTI coffee is a little American/obnoxious, I realize but I like my coffee and do not think it is unhealthy.
I wasn’t super hungry so I juiced for Breakfast!!!
4 oz coconut water
1 whole banana
1/2 apple
Wheat grass
5 pieces of ice
I poured my juice into my large Nalgen bottle and took to work with me.
This is perfect because now I had my Nalgen at work. This is a great way to track your water in-take. If you don’t track it there is no way to know if you are drinking enough water. I cannot express enough how important staying hydrated is for our health.
Snack – 12 almonds and 3 cuties. I believe I am developing an obsession with cuties. They are just so easy to peel and eat and they leave me so satisfied.
Shredded Chicken
1 whole avocado
1 celery stalk chopped
1 stalk green onion chopped
Pepper to taste
~ I am very aware that I am getting boring with my food selections! I need to research new meals!
Today I am feeling tired/sluggish – but not nearly as bad as yesterday! I think the Starbucks this morning helped! Now someone may frown at my Starbucks decision, but in order to sustain you have to continue to give your body what it needs. If I didn’t allow the Starbucks I may not be very happy right now. And I am happy 🙂 so thank you Starbucks.
Asparagus soup made in blender and heated on stove
W/ bacon chips
Grilled chicken
Lemon for dressing
2 sets – 20 lunges with 5 lb weight in each hand
2 sets 20 squats
1 set with 5 lb weights in each hand
1 set squat thrust with twist
100 crunches
100 bicycles
100 hundred flies
60 second plank
Arms: 2 set of 20 each
Curl and press up above head
On back press above chest
Triceps behind head
Dessert: 1 – 73% dark chocolate square
Today our High was 71* and partly cloudy. Loving this weather.
We are going to have really wet and cold weather Wednesday! I need to get on the treadmill tomorrow before that dreary weather sets in! I am feeling a little more full of energy today, Was it the coffee? Or am I just getting used to this way of life???
February 18th – Slept 7.5 hours un-interrupted!!! SCORE!!! I am a mom, so getting a restful nights sleep is not the easiest thing to come by. I will take it 🙂 Onto the next day, I am feeling very optimistic about what the future of this challenge holds for me!

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