Quick Positive Start

Get up and get a positive kick-start to your day. Doing something is always better than nothing. Get rid of the mentality that you need an hour + to work out. That is false. Imagine if you did 20 minutes a day every day that you skipped a workout because you “don’t have the time” to get in a workout. You would likely be a lot more pleased with your figure and feel a whole lot better. You can either run through this until you are done, or you can set a timer and only do what you can in a set amount of time. Remember though if you decide on 20 minutes total and it takes you 15 minutes to walk a mile then you will only have 5 minutes to do the other exercises. So get busy the second you walk through your door.

Kick Start Your Day:

1 – 2 miles….Either walk, skip, jog, sprint, run. Do whatever you feel is fun and appropriate for you. Just get out and get going.

When you get back home immediately go into the following exercises:

50 crunches

50 bicycles

15 push ups

40 lunges (20 each leg)

20 Tricep dips

50 Jumping Jacks

Repeat 3 times.

You are done. Hopefully you will feel that burn tomorrow. You just brightened your morning with a positive boost to your day! Happy Friday everyone!


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