February 20 – DAY 5

Day 5: February 20th
I feel like after dinner last night I ate way too much yesterday! So today I am going to try and fast from my juice/morning through dinner. I have read a lot about the idea of fasting with the Paleo diet but always thought if you deprived yourself for 12 hours or so that you would mess with your metabolism. But I truly believe in the idea of fasting, as long as you do it in a healthy way.
1/2 apple
1 whole banana
4 oz coconut water
Coffee – homemade with 2 shacks of cinnamon
4 cuties
20 almonds
It is SNOWING in Tucson and I was planning in going home to change my mindset for lunch! Don’t you just hate it when your plan gets messed up…….BUT the snow was absolutely gorgeous in the desert!
Fasting from my juice/breakfast through dinner was easier than I imagined. I do believe that we keep and use the energy from our foods when we eliminate the grains and sugars.
Rotisserie chicken – YUM
SautΓ©ed spinach
-olive oil
Simple. Easy. Delicious
Cardio sets (7)
20 squats
20 sit-ups
10 push-ups
20 lunges
40 flutter kicks
20 various exercise
-biceps x2
-triceps x2
-jumping jacks
I was dizzy after my workout and had to eat an apple and drink lots of water. It is interesting because I get dizzy easily and my solution in the past has always been to eat carbs, in particular grains OR sugar to get myself out of the phase. This choice of a natural sugar and getting really hydrated worked better than going and eating half a bagel as I used to do! Love it!!! I am loving life today. It was a good day.
Slept a good 7 hours. Excited to see what kind of snow we wake up to. My daughter is just thrilled.
Hope everyone has a great day.



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