February 21 – DAY 6

Day 6: February 21
I threw some bacon fat in a skillet with chopped red bell peppers and red onions. Once they were sauteed to my liking I added in 2 scrambled eggs.
4 oz coconut water
1 whole banana
1/2 apple
*I use my BlendTec. I am in love with this machine.
Homemade coffee with a shack of cinnamon
Snack – 2 cuties and 12 raw almonds
I was FULL and not hungry for lunch. I find that when I eat a satisfying breakfast I really don’t need lunch. If I have some healthy snacks I am good to go until dinner.
Lower Body Pyramid workout (from previous post)
50 Crunches
50 Bicycles
1 minute Superman
1 minute Plank
Rotissierre Chicken
1/2 large beet
2 peeled carrots
It was a cold day in the old pueblo, only 50*. One thing I have learned is that you cannot let the weather get in the way of your workout. You need to be adaptable. If you had planned on a hike or run or bike ride and the weather doesn’t permit that activity then change it and do something inside like a timed circuit or pyramid.
I am feeling AMAZING. Is it hard to change your routine and your life? Yes. But it is worth it, and I am only on Day 6!!!



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