Homemade Face/Body Wash

I have had a lot of trouble with my skin and it is so incredibly frustrating. During my 30 day Paleo challenge I noticed a huge positive change in my complexion simply from changing what I was putting INTO my body. It made me realize that all of the store bought “miracle creams” really weren’t necessary.

Primal Life

My new obsession is a homemade scrub that can be used on both your body and your face. All you need is: coconut oil and sugar. You can go shopping in your pantry for this home remedy! Combine equal parts sugar and coconut oil, stir and funnel into a container. As easy as that you have a new face and body scrub. I needed to find uses for all the sugar I used to bake with, this is the perfect use for it!

Try it out and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy your dewy beautiful skin!


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