February 22 – Day 7

Day 7: February 22nd
4 oz coconut water
1/2 cucumber
1/2 apple
1 whole banana
**Okay I need to clarify when I say juice I do not mean I juiced these things. I use my Blendtec and blend them all together! I thinking “Blending” is better than juicing because you don’t lose any of the nutrients. I will include a picture soon.
Starbucks coffee: Venti blonde roast. I was running late and out of coffee and Starbucks was really my only option!
Lunch out at Accenture Match Play:
I am not going to lie, this was HARD. I went with my office out to the Accenture Match Play golf tournament in Tucson, AZ. There was delicious looking bread and cheese and dips and cookies EVERYWHERE. I will say that I stuck to my guns and did not break my challenge. I am so proud of myself and at the end of the day I didn’t have any less fun for not indulging in all of that food. The things I did find were:
Raw Carrots
Raw Celery
Raw Cauliflower
Brisket without any sauce
Dinner out at Bistro 44:
Okay, okay I went out to eat TWICE in one day ;-/ that is the reality of life sometimes. You know, you have to just roll with it and make good choices.
Plain grilled salmon
Plain steamed vegetables
*I told the server that I had strict dietary restrictions. When my plate came out everything was FRESH with no sauces or butters or anything and looked absolutely delicious. I squeezed lemon over everything and truly enjoyed my meal.
Dark Chocolate
High: 60 – warm in sun, cold in shade. I was cold all day out at the golf course. We have had crazy weather in Tucson this week. It really does play with your attitude.
Slept 8 hours – Crappy. I really need to focus on good sleep. Maybe I should use a sound machine like I put in my daughters room? Or soft music? I think I need something to relax me more for bedtime.
It was a good day. I proved that sometimes you are at places and don’t have a ton of options to eat and sometimes you can go out to dinner and have a completely healthy, clean, fresh, delicious meal.
Lesson of the day: Always carry snacks that you can use in situations where there is not much variety for you to chose from. This will help keep you satisfied to get through the moment of temptation.

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