February 23 – Day 8

Day 8: February  23
Handful of raw mixed nuts
Coffee with shake of cinnamon
**So what I realized is that I usually do better starting my day with a big high fat nutritious breakfast. BUT also, if you aren’t hungry then don’t eat. Just because it is “breakfast time” doesn’t mean you are required to eat.
4 oz Grilled Chicken Strips
4 Strawberries
Chicken made with cayenne pepper, black pepper and lemon squeezed on at the end.
Snack: raw nuts
**I need to figure out eating less nuts and fruits. Although I am not gaining weight or anything! I think if I have an issue where living this way of life ends up with me gaining weight, THEN I would need to address this nuts/fruits issue.
Rotisserie Chicken
HIGH 63* – rearranged entire garage trying to make room for my handsome fiances belongings that are being shipped here in about 10 days! YIKES. Organize, organize, organize. I am just happy because that was an effective way of “working-out” – bending, squatting, lifting, etc.
Slept so well 8 hours. I think the cleaner I eat the better I sleep. Hmmm, maybe that is a theory to look into.
Have a good day everyone! I hope you all make positive choices that positively impact your day and your mood.

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