February 25 – DAY 10

Day 10: February 25
Juice: (of course I blended whole items as usual, I did not juice them)
4 oz coconut water
1/2 apple
1 whole banana
1/3 cucumber
1 large carrot
Homemade grain free granola
4 oz chicken
1 whole avocado
2 scrambled eggs, red bell peeper and green onion
2 pieces of uncured bacon
High 57* – I felt cold all day and really unmotivated to do much over and above the necessities of life.
Slept 8 hours last night and slept great for the mostΒ part. Was woken up once by my daughter at 4 am but she went back down easily. I find that when I sleep a whole night without interruptions I feel more positive and ready to take on the world the next day. BUT I have to remind myself DAILY that just because it is raining, or I had a bad day at work, or didn’t sleep well…….does NOT mean I have a free excuse to abuse my body and not treat it in a healthy way. The foods we put in our body for fuel help us mentally, emotionally and physically.

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