February 26 – DAY 11

Day 11: February 26
Juice: (of course I blended whole items and did not just use the juice of anything)
4 oz coconut water
1/2 banana
1/2 Apple
1 Whole carrot
Coffee – homemade black
Snack – Homemade Grain Free Granola and Cuties
*This homemade grain free granola has become a staple in my diet.
Lunch – I was not hungry, therefore I didn’t eat πŸ™‚ I am getting better at listening to my body.
Snack: raw almonds
Olive oil
4 oz Salmon
Fresh Guacamole – whole foods
Raw carrots
This was to die for. I was basically a bed of arugula with olive oil on top and topped with grilled salmon, lemon squeezed over it, pepper to your liking, crumbled up bacon and fresh guacamole. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! I put some carrots on the side because I often like to have something on the side.
5 min warm up on my treadmill
Circuit – 6 exercises in 3 minutes – 6 times! Refer to my circuit exercises on http://www.ourprimallife.com/category/exercise/timed-circuit-workouts/
1:30 min plank to finish off my exercise.
High 63* – beautiful
Slept SO well after a delicious dinner and crazy hard workout.
I am loving life and loving the energy I have from living a healthy life.

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