February 28 – DAY 13

Day 13: February 28
Homemade Coffee – Black
Homemade Grain-free Granola
No lunch – cuties, apple, almonds snacks
I often feel more energetic when I have meaningful snacks throughout my day rather than sitting down and having a structured lunch.
Dinner –
2 pieces of bacon
3 scrambled eggs with red bell pepper and green onion – cooked in bacon grease.
seasoned with black pepper
Breakfast for dinner is a SURE THING. The kids are always happy to do crazy things like having breakfast foods at dinner time πŸ˜€
Dessert – piece ofΒ dark chocolate
*Not ready to fully fast – but I am trying to mentally prepare myself for fasting. I believe for me personally that fasting could be a really positive thing in my routine.
High 66*
Didn’t work out – attempted to but was too tired. My treadmill needs to be lubed……..so I am going to get that tomorrow and not be able to use it as an excuse anyΒ longer!
***I realized after 2 months on this lifestyle that it was GREAT to just go out and walk a mile and do some circuit body weight exercises at my house. I realized I did not have to kill myself on the treadmill to get the results I want.
Slept good until my daughter got in bed with me at 3 am. 7.5 hours. Need some good sleep this weekend. I am putting the finishing touches on my house getting ready for my fiance to move in on Monday! SO exciting!!
At this point this lifestyle is just a routine. I definitely need to spice up my cooking and get new things on my plate just for fun but I really am not missing grains and dairy much at all anymore! How wonderful is that!?!?!
Happy eating everyone.

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