March 1: DAY 14

Morning Workout – 12 min
Atomic Sit-ups
Flutter Kicks
Banana, Cuties
Homemade Coffee – Black
Grilled Chicken
Apple, Grain Free Granola
  • I am really not hungry, so I am probably going to eat a bigger dinner.
Snack – Raw Almonds
3 scrambled eggs with red bell peppers and green onion
2 bacon pieces
I ate way too much!!!!! My eyes were too big for my stomach!!!! The great thing is that the eating did not make me sleepy. When I used to eat too much pasta or too much of a sandwich or something it would leave me feeling paralyzed. I do not feel like that at all.
I went to a Mary Kay training event for fun and feel positive about creating my own success and happiness whatever way I see fit!
Workout: 15 minute circuits (3 min, 6 sets)
20 squats
20 sit-ups
10 push-ups
20 lunges
40 flutter kicks
40 jumping jacks
Arms x2 sets with 10 lb weights
10 bicept curls each
10 shoulder presses
10 tricep pushes
1 square of dark chocolate
High 87* – It was a beautiful day! I am feeling really positive and energetic.
I slept really well! I got 8 hours and slept hard! It was a good day to catch up on much needed sound sleep! I love Friday nights! I hope you all are having a successful and positive day!
Remember, your body and mind will feel a LOT better later if you make positive good choices now! I can’t tell you how often I watch people eat HUGE bowls of spaghetti or a HUGE piece of cake and about 20 minutes later feel horrible. I am on DAY 14 and haven’t felt that icky regret disgust feeling in 14 days now.

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