March 2 – DAY 15

Day 15: March 2



Grilled Chicken


Homemade Coffee – Black

Took my daughter to the Bloc climbing wall for their free climbing time. We got in an hour and then were too sore to do any more so – then went to the park to play.

Chased my daughter and nieces playing tag

Got home – showered quickly because I was nearly late to my – Mary Kay training event πŸ™‚ Made it just in time. I need to learn to allow extra time so I am not rushing and stressing.

Eating on the go: apple, raw almonds, water – when you are really busy it benefits you greatly to pack snacks in your purse/car that are healthy.

Dinner (early):

2 scrambled eggs

2 pieces of bacon

High today 84* – it is absolutely beautiful and encourages happiness.

Slept for 7 hours and 15 min – really well. Woke up feeling good. I have come to realize I need over 7 hours and under 9 hours of sleep to feel good in the morning, Anymore more or less messes up my schedule.

Hope you all have a happy day!


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