March 3 – DAY 16

Day 16: March 3



Grain Free Granola – seriously the best stuff ever.

Homemade Coffee – Black

**With stuff like nuts and grain free granola, fruits, etc…..if you are trying to lose weight or get even more toned, limit your intake on these items.

Cleaned my entire house from top to bottom – that was my workout. I even went to my parents and used their washer to do my comforter (to multi-task)Β ;-/ flooded the laundry room and Β had to pull out the washer, dryer and refrigerator to clean under them. That was a big unexpected workout.

(Best thing about cleaning, gardening, etc…… don’t realize what an amazing workout you are getting until you wake up the next day and are sore ALL over!)

Lunch: Paradise Bakery with Family

Chopped ChickenΒ Cobb Salad w Avocado – no gorgonzola






-Squeezed fresh lemon for dressing



2 eggs scrambled

1/2 Avocado

Fresh Salsa

This is just so FRESH and DELICIOUS. Ending your day with a meal like this just makes me feel absolutely healthy and on top of the world. Feeling happy, optimistic, healthy, blessed…..

High – 84* It is warming up here! Cannot wait for it to get a little bit hotter for swimming season πŸ™‚ Hope you all are having a wonderful and healthy day!


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