March 4 – DAY 17

Day 17 – March 4

My fiance comes home today for a MONTH! I am beyond excited!!!!!!! We have been living long distance for 8 months and I get him home for an ENTIRE month!! YAY, my spirits are raised!

My morning Blend:

4 oz coconut water





1/2 Apples





Homemade Coffee – Black

Snacks I packed for the day:

Handful of Raw Almonds


2 Dates

Red Grapes


BBQ Chicken

Brocolli Steamed with lemon squeezed on top for flavor

Slept 8 hours – I had a great night sleep. I was so happy and anxious for my fiance to get home that I was exhausted from all of those tiring emotions. I am a happy girl. I feel emotionally and physically amazing. My fiance definitely noticed a difference in my body! My core even after 17 days of this strict eating looks so strong and feels unbelievable. I feel better at 28 than I ever have!

High 73* – beautiful day!

Hope you all are doing great! Keep your spirits up! Believe in yourself and make the choice to better your life for YOU and no one else!


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