I have really missed doing yoga so I pulled out my P90X yoga video on Saturday. Very quickly I was reminded of the intensity of P90X workouts. It felt SO good to struggle through this video!! I completed the entire workout πŸ™‚ (…barely!) Gradually throughout the day I got a little more and more sore, to the point where I couldn’t believe how achingly amazing my entire body felt. These are truly FULL BODY workouts! Instead of taking a day to relax, on Sunday, we woke up early and went on a hike up in the mountains. I definitely felt the soreness of my body from the yoga I did the day before, but it did not limit me. It simply felt amazing to feel sore in places I haven’t in a long time. On this beautiful hike I came up with a brilliant idea 28 days before our wedding and 24 days before we leave town for our wedding…… we should do 3 solid weeks of P90X.

Tuesday morning our 3 week journey began. We will do week 1-3 of the Lean P90X program before our wedding, then take a break for the wedding and honeymoon and get back on it when we get home.

So far we have completed 4 days.

Day 1: Core Synergistics (60 minutes)

Day 2: Cardio X (45 minutes)

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms, and the Ab Ripper X (75 minutes total)

Day 4: Yoga X (90 minutes)

Everyday I have felt my body ache, in a good way. It feels amazing to use my body in a way I haven’t in a while and challenge myself mentally and physically. My flexibility level has already increased simply from giving the time to really stretching appropriately before and after workouts ~ and the yoga obviously helps. This week so far the thing I have concentrated on most is breathing into poses and stretches. Use your breath to push yourself further! Inhale and come out of a stretch slightly, then on the exhale really push your body deeper into the position! HEAVEN!

My challenge to everyone out there is to stop saying and thinking you can’t do something and just start doing it. You are capable of anything you allow yourself to do…..stop getting in your own way!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!




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