Motivate My Monday – Challenge Yourself

awesome-mondayThe craziness of Halloween parties is upon us. We have already gone to 2 Halloween parties and have more to go! Halloween has become a week long event with school parties, church parties, friend parties, not to mention the actual day of Halloween! Once the Halloween parties start, I feel like it isn’t until after New Years when things really settle down again. This is the hardest time of year to stay motivated and keep with healthy routines. We decided last night that this is the best time of year to set goals and to help keep each other accountable to our goals.

The best part about setting goals is keeping them personal to you. Everyone is at different levels, so when setting a goal it is really important to know yourself and keep your goals realistic. When you set goals that are not realistic you are setting yourself up for failure. Goals are meant to motivate you in your efforts, not to discourage you. So, whatever it may be…..walk for 20 minutes, run a mile a day, practice yoga, do circuits everyday, no processed foods – only raw fresh foods, get outside in the natural light everyday…..whatever your goal is, set it. Track your goals. The best way to ensure success when you set a goal is to share your goal with a friend/spouse/trainer/coworker and to track your successes.

I decided to set a 30 day goal. My goal is to move/exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes AND to practice yoga every single day. I love the way yoga makes me feel, so I want to practice and get some more flexibility out of my body. Today I worked out in my living room and then worked on strengthening my hold in the Crow Pose. I am not claiming to be good at yoga, but I try to practice and get better because it makes me feel amazing.


It is Monday, get motivated to have a wonderful week!! Hope your week is off to a good start! Thank goodness for new beginnings! I challenge you to set a 30 day goal, starting today. Motivate yourself to be the best you that you can be.

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2 thoughts on “Motivate My Monday – Challenge Yourself

    1. gwild84 Post author

      Thanks! We are definitely all about the healthy lifestyle. Love your idea on kickstarting a healthier lifestyle! Doing it as a couple is the best!


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