Fun Fitness Date Night

IMG_7541When you think of a date night I am sure the first thing that comes to your mind is not sweating it out in a fitness class. I decided to surprise my husband with a date night and researched all different types of fitness classes we could take, from beginners hip hop to spin to a TRX Skills class. I decided that the TRX class would be super fun, different, and right up our alley. We do a lot of body weight exercises at home and this is the epitome of body weight resistance training.

My husband came home after work anticipating that I would be all dressed up…but he found me in my gym clothes. He immediately got very thrown off. He was sure we were going to a show or a nice dinner or something. But his crazy wife had a much different idea for the night πŸ˜‰ He threw on his gym clothes and we were off….when we got to the dance studio I finally told him what we were going to be doing on our date. He was thrilled. We have read up on TRX but had never tried it. So, the anxious nervous excited emotions set in as we waited for the class.

We walked in and the instructor immediately realized that we had theΒ deers in headlights going on,Β having never done this before. Honestly, I naturally get intimidated trying new things, feeling like I don’t know how to do them….but ALWAYS the trainers are super helpful. Once again the trainers want you to succeed. They want you to enjoy yourself and have a positive experience in their class. So off we went on this 60 minute journey. The class pushed us like we hadn’t been pushed in a long time, we were both dripping sweat and beet red at the end of the class (picture up top is after the class)……and we couldn’t have felt any more amazing than we did at the end of our date. This was probably one of the most fun date nights we have had in a long time because we got out together and challenged ourselves. We grow from our new experiences and there isn’t anyone else I would want to grow with than my husband. Next time you plan a date night think outside the box and do something together where you can push each other and enjoy each others companionship.

I encourage you to try new things. Change up your routine a little and take a class or do a video in an area of fitness that you have never tried. Get outside of your comfort zone and enjoy what the world has to offer.

If you want to read up more on TRX here is a link for you to check out:

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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