Home Workout Wednesday

imagesHappy hump day people! What better day to get your energy revved up than today!?! For whatever reason Wednesdays are one of the hardest days to get through, especially to have a positive attitude. Add some positive energy to your day by getting your heart rate up and feel amazing.

All you need is yourself and your choice of resistance bands or weights. Even if you don’t have either of these at home you can just do it with no added weight OR grab something at home to use as a weight. Think outside the box! Grab a water bottle filled with water for extra weight, your laundry soap bottle, anything that you can hold onto and use as resistance.

Remember every workout isn’t suited for everyone. Take your time. If you would rather do each exercise for 30-60 second intervals instead of the given reps until you build up endurance, that is a great idea. Remember no one ever regretted doing a workout, and no one can just start at Level 10, you have to give yourself the opportunity to work up to your highest potential and then once you get there, you have to set a new high.

Enjoy this HUMP DAY WORKOUT! Remember to hydrate.

100 Jumping Jacks

30 Sec High Knees

30 Sec Butt Kicks

100 Low Jacks (you are in a lower position here, get lower into your squat jump with your legs and instead of bringing arms over head start them together bent in front of you and when you jump your legs out press your arms back in a bent position so your are doing a back press) – arms stay bent with hands facing the ceiling the whole time

60 sec Side to Side Moving Squats

50 Bicycle Abs

100s (pilates Abs)

50 count – Sumo Squat with Oblique Bend (sit down into sumo squat and put hands behind head alternate bending elbow down to back of the thigh) – 25 each side

25 Bicep Curls *weight or resistance band

25 Shoulder Presses *weight or resistance band

25 Bicep Hammers *weight or resistance band

25 Tricep Presses (behind back) *weight or resistance band

50 crunches

40 Crunchy Frog Abs

50 count – Sumo Squats with oblique hand touches. (in sumo squat bend down and bring right hand to the ground behind your right thigh and left hand straight up in air above head, repeat on left side)

20 static lunges with weight

50 squats with weight

60 sec wall sit

50 Russian twists

50 alternating leg raises Abs – straight legs

50 toe touches abs (pilates)

30 burpees

2+ sun salutations (yoga – forward bend, kick legs back to plank, vinyasa push up, upward down, downward dog, jump feet back to hands, return to standing)

Seated Forward bend (both legs together, or alternating each leg)

Seated Twist – each side

Pigeon – each side


Hope you enjoyed the workout! Keep with it. If you couldn’t get through all of the reps come back and try it again in a week and see how much you have grown. Stick with it!

Hope you have an incredible and positive Wednesday! Drink lots of water πŸ™‚

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