Road Trip – Ways to eat Healthy on the road

Today we are heading to Las Vegas!!! More for business than pleasure, but no matter the reason Vegas is a fun place to visit! We have our 6 mo son with us, so we won’t be out late but we are planning on trying some new restaurants and enjoying the hotel life.

One big struggle with road trips is staying healthy and resisting the tendency of most people to stop at fast food restaurants. In order to eliminate the temptation and ease of a quick meal on the road we planned ahead and packed some yummy healthy snacks. Here is what we have:

*Grilled Chicken Breasts & Thighs
*Carrots – buy the big ones and peel and chop them yourself (saves money and better than the chemicals found in the mini carrots)
*Sweet Peppers – we buy these at Costco (yummy)
*Mixed Nuts

Other good options are:

Sliced cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Beef jerky (preferably homemade)

The best thing you can do for yourself is to set yourself up to avoid eating unhealthy. The best part is that you don’t end of feeling gross when you reach your destination. You instead are filled with delicious nutritious snacks to fuel your energy.

Now all we have to worry about is enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Arizona back roads and listening to and singing along with some awesome music we don’t always have the time to enjoy!

We will talk to you in Vegas! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon everyone! Smile and be joyous that you have today to enjoy the beauty of the world around you!


From somewhere middle of nowhere Arizona!


2 thoughts on “Road Trip – Ways to eat Healthy on the road

    1. gwild84 Post author

      We couldn’t agree more. It is very difficult. Often road trips/travel/vacations can set off negative eating habits for a lot of people. The goal is to not allow a fun vacation/road trip to turn into a weekend/week long poor eating fest!


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