Workout on Vacation


The majority of people think of vacation as a week off of exercise and diet, but why? You finally have time available to have an un-stressed workout, isn’t that the time when we should get in some good healthy movement for our bodies and minds? We leave behind a lot of life’s stresses when we go on vacation and exercise creates so much positive energy in the body, it seems like the ideal time to rev up your body and energy levels. Believe it or not exercising will actually increase your relaxation and your overall positive mentality.

The great thing is that you really do not need anything for a good workout. Just yourself, an open positive mind and some water πŸ˜‰ if you don’t have the open positive mind I guarantee you will be closer to that point after your workout!

This is just an example of a basic exercise that I did this morning in my hotel room in VEGAS of all places! Unfortunately it was cut a little short because my son started to fuss….but I at least got myself going and sweating and feel amazing! I encourage you to seize the opportunity on vacations to get moving!

100 jumping jacks
90 sec jump rope – without rope just the motion
45 sec high knees
45 sec butt kicks
100 low jacks

Skaters – 30 each side
15 Burpees

50 bicycle crunches
100s – pilates style abs
50 crunches
50 alt straight legs – ab exercise

25 static lunges each side
25 calf raises each side
25 step ups each side – use a chair in the room
25 extended back leg raises each side – either hold onto the counter in the bathroom and do standing -OR- get down on all fours and do leg raises

30 tricep dips – side of chair or bathtub
15 push-ups

30 sec side plank each side
60 sec full plank
30 sec elbow plank

50 squats

And now I feel amazing and ready to walk around crazy Las Vegas!!! I could have kept going but I had to tend to my son….but this was just enough! I encourage you to think outside the box. Whether it be on vacation or in your cubicle at work, movement is so healthy for your body and mind!

Hope you all have an amazing manic Monday! Be positive and drink water!! ☺️


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