Kids and Creating an Active Lifestyle

For so many years your kids become the point at which your world spins. They dictate basically how your day will run between nap schedules, school drop off and pick ups, sports practice, birthday parties, dinner, etc all depending on the age of your kids your activities will differ year to year. The crazy part is how few families can say that they spend time together weekly being active.

One of the most affective ways of making your kids turn into active adults is to be active with them growing up as well as showing them how important physical activity is to you as an individual. It is important for us to incorporate our children into our activities! Whether it be allowing them to come to the park with us for a walk, going golfing with them, doing home workouts with them in the living room, kicking a soccer ball at the park, walking in the neighborhood after dinner…..just about anything you can think of that required getting out and being active. The problem arises when we do not open that part of our lives up to our children. When we set the alarm for 4:30 am to get a workout in before the kids are even up and never let them actually be a part of that experience with you. Or when we don’t offer them to come to the park for our walks because they will slow us down and we won’t get the walk or run in that we were anticipating. We need to remember that we are our children’s example of what healthy living entails. We need to teach them how to be active, how to eat right, and give them a chance at a healthy life.

Too often you hear parents or grandparents say things like, “oh he/she is a kid they can eat cookies and candy all day and be fine.” Or replace that cookies and candies extreme with pizza and pasta and Mac n’ cheese, pancakes, etc. Yet we have an outstanding number of obese children today that are being lied to and failed by the adults in their lives.

I encourage you to be the positive example for children in your life, whether it be your own kids, your grandkids, friends kids….whoever! Here are some fun/active things you can do with your kids:

*walk around the neighborhood
*walk around the park
*kick a soccer ball at the park
*play on the play set with them at the park
*hit a tennis ball back and forth….no courts, use your street
*exercise with them at home: jumping jacks, planks, lunges, crunches, push ups….anything you can think of
*swim with them, race them ☺️
*hit balls and run around a baseball field
*hike with them

Just remember we are the example for our children on how to live a healthy life. Be healthy with them, teach them so that they can continue to live a healthy lifestyle into their adulthood. Thinking about these precious moments as we hike with our son in Sedona and take our daughter golfing.


Remember your children are only young for so long, enjoy them and teach them well!

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