Spice Up Your Life – GREAT Health Benefits

Spices are such an important part of your dietary intake! Are you skipping out on spices that could be doing your body good? It is so easy to add spices to your diet and the added health benefits are unmatchable. Simple ways to add some spices include: adding turmeric to your eggs, adding cinnamon to your coffee, adding ginger to your smoothie, add paprika to your chicken rub/marinade, add garlic to your sautéed vegetables.


Turmeric – Best known as an anti inflammatory, thought to help fight cancer, could lower the chance of heart attack, could delay the onset of type 2 diabetes – most popularly known to help with GI issues and as an anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon – anti fungal properties/yeast blocker, thought to help fight cancer, reduces the uncontrollable feeling from irritable bowel symptom, could lower blood sugar levels.



Ginger – can help eliminate excessive gas, anti-inflammatory effects, increases absorption of other important nutrients in your body, helps with nausea


Paprika – works as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, helps relieve pain and loaded with compounds that turn into multiple vitamins.


Garlic – cardiovascular benefits, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, could prevent cancer, helps the body metabolize iron.

This just touches on the surface of how amazing the above spices are for your health. We use these in our house every single day, plus tons of other spices too. Spices have so many added benefits and there are so many easy ways to incorporate them into your diet. Meat rubs and marinades is one really easy way to add in spices, along with using them to spice up sautéed vegetables! But some ways people don’t realize is putting spices in your scrambled eggs, or into your smoothies. Get creative in the kitchen and spice up your life!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you and all of our treasured service members!

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