Workout Anywhere – Stay FIT Through the Holidays!

WorkoutAs you all know I workout at home. I typically workout while my son is napping or if it is just one of those days where he isn’t napping well then I will do my workout right next to him in our family room. I turn the TV off and put on some music. It is important to set up the environment so that it is conducive to you getting a good workout. TV is distracting for me, sometimes I find that I do not workout as hard if I am focusing on what is on the TV instead of just unplugging and focusing on the workout. Music helps me engage in my workout, so I put on some good music and get the party started. BUT if it is a good time for you to workout while you and your family are watching TV in the evening, by all means….workout in front of the TV! Do what works for you!!!

One thing I do not do often enough is take my home workout outside. Whether it be on your driveway or backyard or even a patio/balcony. I encourage you to get outside for your home workouts a few times a week to get the fresh air and natural sunlight!

Get some water and get ready for an awesome workout!

Warm up: Cardio to get your heart rate goingΒ 

100 Jumping Jacks

60 seconds – High Knees

60 seconds – Butt Kicks

90 seconds – Jumping Rope (with or without a rope – if you don’t have a rope just mimic the motion)

60 seconds – Toe Taps – use the side of your couch or a chair pushed up against the wall. In a fast motion tap your toes alternating to the chair/sofa.

100 Low Jacks

Ab Series :

60 Bicyces

100s – Pilates Ab

50 cruches

60 second plank

Full body Series:

90 seconds – Speed Skaters

45 seconds – Mountain Climbers

20 Bear Crawls – 5 forward, 5 back, 5 forward, 5 back

10 Burpees

Arm Series:

20 Bicep Curls

30 Dips – use side of table, tub, chair

20 Lying Down Fly Presses

15 Pushups

Leg Series:

20 Static Lunges Each Leg – with or without weight

20 Calf Raises Each Leg

40 Step Ups – use chair or half wall (20 each leg)

20 Backward Leg Lifts Each Leg – hold onto chair or get on all fours and do press

40 Squats with side leg kick – 10 squats with right leg kick, 10 squats with left leg kick – repeat on each side

10 Double Leg Beats (Pilates Side Lying Leg Lifts) – each side – repeat on each side so 2 sets of 10 reps each side

leg raises






10 Side Lying Inner Leg Lifts – Pilates – each side – repeat on each side so 2 sets of 10 reps








Ab Series Cool Down:

60 Bicycles

30 Frog Crunches

50 Sumo Squat Oblique Bends

40 Lying DownStraight Leg Alternating Lifts

Stretch It Out:

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Torso Twist – Each Side

Yoga – Pigeon Pose – Each Side

Sit Up Straight and Extend Arms Above Head – Interlace Fingers and Stretch Up

GREAT JOB!!! I hope you guys are feeling as amazing as I am after that workout blast! I feel like I have the energy to conquer my day now! Remember that every workout does not work for everyone. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you use a timer and do each exercise for 30 seconds. Give yourself 30 seconds to do as much as you can, take a little break and move onto the next exercise. It is important to push yourself while you workout but not to the point of injury. Believe me, if you are consistent with your workouts and healthy eating you will advance quickly. It is better to get yourself moving, you have to start somewhere…rather than to say “I can’t do that workout” and quit before you even give yourself a chance. You CAN be healthy!

Remember to hydrate. I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

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