Leg/Butt Workout


I love the full body workout days and how amazing you feel all over your body. But there is something rewarding about taking a day to just focus on one area. Today I am going to focus on the lower body!!! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a nice butt and legs?! Β Even though we are focusing on the lower body it is still important to warm up your whole body!

Get some water and let’s get started on an awesome burn!!

Warm Up:

60 seconds – Jumping Jacks

60 seconds – High Knees

60 seconds – Butt Kicks

60 seconds – Line Hop (Put something on the ground, rope/toy/shoe, and hop over it back and forth)

60 seconds – Burpees

120 seconds – Jumping Rope

Leg Workout Routine:

*you can add weight to any of these exercises by holding bumbbells to make it more advanced

30 squats

5 reps Around the World Lunges – Each Side (left leg stays anchored while right left steps into forward lunge at 12 o’clock then back to center, right leg goes out to 3 o’clock into a side lunge then back to center, right leg goes back to 6 o’clock into a backward lunge then back to center) – this is one reps

20 Calf Raises – each side


15 Uneven Squats – each side (put one leg on a slightly higher surface than the other leg for squat – repeat on each side)

20 Backward Lunges with Forward Kick – each leg

20 Box Jumps – find a stable surface at home you can jump up onto


30 Static Ball Knee Tuck to Chest

30 Static Ball Leg Curl Heel to Butt/Hips Up

30 Side Lying Leg Lifts Β (15 top leg lifts outer thigh, 15 lower leg lifts inner thigh) – each side


30 Bridge Pelvic Lifts – last one hold and pulse 12 times at the top

Sumo Squat with 30 Toe Pulses

25 Extended Backward Leg Raises – each side


25 Step Ups – each side

60 seconds – Speed Skaters

60 seconds – Wall Sit

30 Supermans- lying on stomach lift arms, chest and legs so that your torso is the only point of contact on the ground, squeeze back and flutes – release and repeat

Don’t forget to STRETCH IT OUT however you best like to stretch your legs!!!

GREAT JOB! I hope your legs and butt are burning and feel a little like jello! Leg day is the best day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this leg day workout and have a FABULOUS Thursday!!!

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3 thoughts on “Leg/Butt Workout

    1. gwild84 Post author

      Haha, I am not sure I want to get to Arnold status. Uh oh πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, focusing on just legs or arms or core….whatever your focus is for the workout is essential to getting to the next level in your routine.


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