Workout Apps That ROCK

I love when I find an app that I am not deleting a week later! So I thought I would share this with all of you. The Rock My Run app is awesome, and no it is not solely for running! It is a great workout app that you can use at home while you are working out, in the gym doing weights, wherever you workout. Don’t let the name deceive you.

It is an app that creates awesome music mixes for you to workout to. I know we all have smart phones and a lot of us have tons of music on our phones already, BUT how many of you end up having to skip through some of your kids or spouses music mid-workout? I got tired of stopping and skipping disney songs, slow songs, kid sing-along songs, etc… I tried out this music app and am loving it.

You get to pick the genres of music you want on your mix, you can pick beats per minute, length of mix and having clean or explicit music. Then you are given lists upon lists of mixes to choose from that are all different lengths. Rock on while your workout to great music!!

Do any of you guys use this app? Or do any of you have suggestions on other workout apps that you love?

Hope you all have a beautiful Saturday!


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