Get Your Cardio On – Just 15 Minutes

This morning I woke up feeling like I really needed to get some good cardio in. Typically I enjoy doing a cardio warmup and then circuit type exercises with mostly body weight strength training, but not today. Today is about just getting my cardio on!!

The big myth that you need to get over is that you have to go to the gym and kill yourself on a treadmill/bike/elliptical OR go on a 10 mile run in the heat of the day to get a cardio workout in. FALSE, all you need is yourself and a place to get sweaty πŸ˜‰

Cardio Workout

90 seconds – Jumping Jacks

60 seconds – High Knees

60 seconds – Butt Kicks

90 seconds – Jumping Rope (you don’t need a jump rope – just mimic the action)

60 seconds – Static Squat Jumps

90 seconds – Speed Skaters

60 seconds – Line Hop (put something on the ground like a rope/shirt/dog toy and hop over it – back and forth)

60 seconds – Toe Taps (tap toes at a quick pace on a chair or couch edge – alternating legs and keep up the pace)

90 seconds – Low Jacks

60 seconds – Burpees

60 seconds – Mountain Climber

60 seconds – Wall Sit

60 second – Plank


Congratulations!!! You only took 15 minutes out of your day and you got in an amazing workout. I hope you feel amazing and are ready to take on the world around you with a smile!!

Happy Tuesday, have a positive day πŸ™‚


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