Easy Side Dish for ANY Meal

Sometimes it is just so hard to think up a good side to have with your main course. We often open the door to our fridge and look in a daze at what we could possibly put with the burger patties, flank steak, chicken breast, etc. I encourage you to think outside the box. Just because you have never had a veggie combination does not mean it doesn’t work together.

Vegetable Side Dish


Bacon Fat/Olive Oil


Bell Peppers


Pinto Beans






In skillet over medium heat warm olive oil/bacon fat. Finely chop 2 garlic cloves and add to the oil/fat as it is heating up. Before the garlic browns add in chopped bell peppers. We used mini sweet bell peppers and used 6 of them.


Once you give the peppers and garlic a chance to cook add in chopped mushrooms (about 6) and about half a can of drained and rinsed pinto beans. Add a small amount of salt and some pepper to the skillet at this point. We didn’t add too much salt because the canned beans already have salt in them. Top the skillet off with mounds of spinach. Stir occasionally and just watch the skillet. Once the spinach is all cooked down the dish is ready to enjoy.

ENJOY your easy homemade dish!!

As simple as that you have a homemade delicious healthy side dish. It really is that easy to throw scraps together from your refrigerator/pantry. Any vegetables can be substituted for the ones we used, these were just the veggies that we already had in the fridge. Enjoy the dish and change it up to make your own personal delicious creations!

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