Work Off Your Holiday Weekend

The holidays are a truly amazing time of year, but they can be bad on your waistline. I know I woke up this morning after 5 days out of town with family and temptations all around READY to workout and eat healthy! I don’t think it is possible to always pass up temptations but it is important to realize when you are having those “cheat meals” or “cheat weekends” and get back to your healthy lifestyle immediately. The longer you allow yourself to cheat on your dietary intake or cheat on your workouts the harder it is to get back into your rhythm.

So, lets get going and sweat out that holiday weekend. This workout is slightly different than the ones I have posted in the past because it incorporates a little running. I want you to note that if you are at home with kids or in an area where you can’t easily run then you can always switch out running for jump roping.


.25 mile run

10 Burpees

100 Jumping Jacks

60 Lunges (30 each side)

40 Squats

.50 mile run

20 Pushups

60 Speed Skaters

50 Calf Raises (25 each side)

50 Extended Back Leg Raises (25 each leg)

.50 mile run

60 second Plank

60 second Mountain Climbers

50 Cross Jacks

60 second Reverse Plank

.25 mile run (as fast as you can)

**For the running portion you can use an app to measure your distance OR you can estimate that you typically run an 8 minute mile and run for 2 minutes for the .25 mile runs and 4 minutes for the .50 mile runs.

CONGRATS on finishing a pre-holiday workout!


I hope you enjoy this different kind of workout. My favorite thing to do is switch up exercises so that you never get bored with what you are doing. We all know that boredom leads to skipping workouts and that is the last thing we want to do.

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