Circuit Workout Thursday

If any of you are feeling the way I am then you will benefit from this circuit workout today. The holidays are the most joyous time of year…but lets be honest, they also pack in extra stress, packed schedules, poor eating, lack of sleep, decrease in exercise, etc. All of a sudden you wake up on January 1st and realize it has been a month since you worked out, a month of poor eating habits, a month of bad sleep, a month of a jam packed stressful joyous holiday season. So, in order to help bring down your stress levels and sleep better I encourage you to workout! Circuits are great workouts because they usually are quick, painful, and efficient. If you don’t feel the burn you need to work harder or increase your reps. πŸ™‚

I encourage you to wake up every morning and do a few rounds of a circuit exercise. Literally it would mean waking up about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled and in return you will feel so much more energized and ready to take on your fun, crazy, jam packed joyous holiday season! Starting your day on a positive note and drawing positive energy into your body can only bring amazing things!

It is a rainy day here and it would be easy to just use that as an excuse to not get sweaty today, BUT I choose to not let weather be my excuse! The best part about rain is that when you are done with your workout you can walk outside into the rain and it feels amazing!

Happy Thursday everyone!

#ourprimallife #circuitworkouts #athomeworkouts


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