End 2014 Strong – Workout At Home With Me!

It is so easy to just give up and say that you will exercise more or eat healthier or live a healthier lifestyle in 2015. But why not start today?!? If you start today you will almost be done with the first 30 days of setting a new lifestyle for yourself. If you stay strong and workout for 30 days straight you will build a habit in your life. All you need to do is get in the habit of working out and eating healthy and it will forever be a part of you.

Working out does not have to mean driving 15-30 minutes to the gym, working out next to people who stare at themselves in the mirror and socialize and make it a beauty contest…. and then drive back home 15-30 minutes. That seems like a lot of wasted time!! All you need is to get moving at home. Build workout routines in your bedroom, basement, living room, backyard, wherever you want. You do not have to leave home to get fit. BUT you have to remember that if you and I work out the same amount of time for 30 days and one of us eats a healthy diet of good fats, veggies, fruits and grass-fed organic meats and the other one of us eats a low-fat (ish) diet Β with pastas, breads, lots of carbs, sugars, processed foods there WILL be a difference in how we look at the end of the 30 days. I cannot emphasize to you enough how important your diet is to your health and your physique!

Happy hump day people! Lets get our bodies moving!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

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