Leg Burn Workout

Today is the day that your legs are going to burn, and oh that burn feels SO good. Normally I enjoy a workout that targets your entire body, but it is always fun to change it up and target those areas that easily could use more attention! This workout is ensured to leave your legs and rear feeling the burn. You can always make any exercise more challenging by adding hand weights while you do the exercise, and/or by adding reps, and/or by adding hops to the exercise. For example: instead of doing squats do jumping squats, or add little hops after every lunge.

A new exercises that I haven’t mentioned before:

Cross body mountain climbers: you will position yourself in a plank like position as you do with mountain climbers but you will bring your right knee up to your leg elbow, return it to starting positions, then bring your left knee up to your right elbow, rerun it to starting position and repeat.


Enjoy this workout! Remember to drink lots of water and stretch out your legs after the workout so that you do not get too stiff! Hope you have a fabulous Thursday and you feel the BURN!!

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