Strengthen your Core

Your core is such an important part of your body to take care of. When I say core I do not simply mean building a six pack. I mean taking care of your entire core, your stomach muscles and your back muscles. Working on building your core is so important for your entire body. If you are not struggling to get through core workouts then you need to change up your exercise routine. So often I hear people talk about core/abs being their “break” in their workout. If this is how you feel than you simply aren’t doing a proper core workout.

I hope you enjoy this workout. Remember to hydrate and stretch out after you complete your final set. I will outline some of the moves below that I have not mentioned before.

Donkey Kickbacks


Boat Pose


Windshield Wipers


You can do this with legs bent or straight. Start in middle, rotate to the right, then back to center, then rotate to the left and back to center. That is one rep.

Abdominal Hold


Side Balance Crunch


Sliding Pike


Bear Crunch

Check out this video to do the Bear Crunch properly:Β

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!!

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