Full Body Home Workout

Burn fat and build muscle strength in the comfort of your own home…doesn’t that sound nice?! The best part is that it is TOTALLY do-able! You can lose inches and define lean muscle at home. There is really no need for a gym, unless you love the rush of going to the gym – or you like to get away from home to get your workout done.

If I were to recommend training items to have at home my top items would be:

1. Set up bumbbells (we have 10 lbs, 5 lbs and 3 lbs at home) – adjustable bumbbells can be good.

2. Resistance bands

3. Stability Ball

4. Kettlebells

5. Jumping Rope

6. Yoga Mat (bonus item) πŸ™‚

These are just great basics to have. If you are searching for a gift for someone who loves to workout but doesn’t have a lot of equipment at home these are great items to start out your collection. Now lets get to our workout!!!


Full Body Workout

100 Jumping Jacks

60 second High Knees

60 second Butt Kicks

120 second Jumping Rope – or mimic the motion if you don’t have a jump rope

20 Burpees

60 second Plank

20 bicep curls – each arm

50 squats

60 Bicycle Crunches

20 Shoulder Presses

50 Backward Lunges with forward kick – each leg

1 set of Pilates Hundreds

20 Lying Down Butterfly Presses

50 Forward Lunges with backward kick – each leg

60 second boat pose

20 push ups

50 Side/Lateral Lunges with side kick – each leg

40 Lower Leg Lifts

100 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

60 second High Knees

60 second Plank

CONGRATS – you just hit your entire body with a great cardio and strength building workout! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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