Stretch it Out with Yoga AND GIFT Ideas

This morning I was feeling like I needed yoga in my life. There is nothing that compares to yoga! It just makes you feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated and sore…all at the same time. What could possibly be better than that?!?


5 Sun Salutations – from last sun salutation draw one leg forward and plant on the ground between hands – from there come into a brief runners lunge and go into the following holds. Hold each one for 60 seconds then transition into the next position, repeat until you are done with one side. Once you are done with the first side return to a downward dog for 5 long breaths. Once you are ready draw your other leg in and place your foot between your hands – from there come into a brief runners lunge and go into the following holds like you did on the first side.

60 second Warrior One

60 second Warrior Two

60 second Reverse Warrior

60 second Triangle Pose

60 second Warrior Three

When finished go into a downward dog and hold for 5 breaths – walk or jump your feet to your hands. Return to standing.

From here we are going to do a few balancing poses:

Tree Pose – 60 seconds each side

Chair pose 60 seconds – return to standing

Twisted chair pose – 30 seconds on each side

Standing leg extension hold – 60 seconds each leg

Boat Pose – 60 seconds

Now lets stretch it out a little:

Forward bend sitting down – grab toes or ankles and breathe into the stretch for 60 seconds

Sitting side twists – 45 seconds each side

CONGRATS I hope you feel amazing after that quick yoga flow! Switching up your exercise routines can really be of great benefit to your body and emotional temperament.

NOW ~ to change the focus for a minute……here are some awesome gift ideas for those that are interested in fitness and food πŸ™‚


YOGA MAT – this is the yoga mat I have and it is amazing!!

The Mat;jsessionid=60679AF08F5EE4A69A72E009A01E9857?prdId=prod120093&category=&cc=0001&prdImgIndex=0&isPDPSoldOut=false&randomTokenForAccount=e96187cf-a9d3-451a-98b8-bcf1b3449e84



COOKBOOKS – Against All Grain


Hope that this helps you with a fresh idea for someone special to you! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday feeling FIT and FABULOUS!!!

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