Holiday Shopping – Gift Giving Made Simple

Do you ever feel like gift giving can become repetitive and leave you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes disappointed?!? I often find myself having a hard time thinking up GOOD gifts, being creative and not just giving the same type of things year after year. Often while shopping I get discouraged. That is not the idea of gift giving….we are supposed to give with joy to feel the happiness of those we gift to. Right?!?! Have fun with your gifts….from your kids, to spouses, to parents….the goal here is to find joy in giving.


So……lets have some fun and give gifts that encourage a healthy lifestyle… mind, diet and body. So many of our children and adults for that matter do not need anymore technology. I encourage you to give gifts that require your family and friends to put the technology down and spend time together. Here we go… gift ideas for you this season:


Fitness Fun:

*TRX Training Kit. You can suspend a TRX unit in a doorway and enjoy this awesome exercise at home!


*FIT BIT – to track your daily movement – there are TONS of different kinds of fit bit models and colors Β – this is just an example of one.


*Wii FIT – if you want to stick with technology but get your family moving. What better way than the Wii Fit?!


Foodie Gifts:

*High Speed Blender – Either the VitaMix of the BlendTec. These are truly the best things ever.


*Dehydrator – to make homemade dried fruits, vegetables and beef jerky


There are tons of different price ranges on dehydrators – so whatever you feel you can afford πŸ™‚

*Potted Herbs – who doesn’t need herbs when they cook a lot?!? What better way to get herbs than to pick them fresh at home….


*Smart Oven – this is great for a small family who could benefit from not having to use the HUGE oven for just the 2 or 3 of you.


*Food Processor – to help save time with chopping.


These come in all different sizes and prices, so chose the one that best fits the needs of the person you are gifting to.

*Dicing Mandoline – again this is a huge time saver and helps cooks get things sliced quickly and evenly.


Family Fun Together:

*Classes – give the gift of an experience through classes at a local art store or local cooking classes. Just google your area for art classes, cooking classes, fitness classes….any type of class your family and/or friends would enjoy doing together.

I hope you all have fun with giving gifts to those you love. Enjoy the process and the joy of giving. Give health and life experiences πŸ™‚ Happy Friday everyone! Have a fabulous day!

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