Kick off Monday

I am finally feeling on top of the world again. Being sick really hit me hard! I do not usually get sick, so I guess when I do it knocks me down! BUT the good news is that I am ready to hit the ground running in full force. I don’t care that it is already January 5th and I lost 4 days of my new year start….today is the day that I am starting off my year on the right note! Since I literally didn’t eat much or move much while I was sick I decided to start this workout week slow and steady. Nothing crazy, just a workout to make me feel awake, alive and ready to get stronger and healthier.


Warm Up:

100 Jumping Jacks

30 seconds Knee Highs

30 seconds Butt Kicks

100 Jumping Jacks

30 seconds Knee Highs

30 seconds Butt Kicks

120 seconds Power Burpees** (see description below)


50 Squats

40 Lunges (each leg)

30 Calf Raises (each leg)


60 second Plank

30 second Side Planks (each side)

60 Bicycle Crunches

100s – 1 set


20 Bicep Curls (each arm)

20 Shoulder Presses (each side)

30 Butterfly Presses

Repeat Legs, Core, Arms 1-2x

Cool Down:

60 second forward bend stretch

30 second torso twist (each side)

**Power Burpees – Put hands on outside of feet, jump feet back into plank, do a shoulder tap on each side (tap your shoulder with the opposite hand), push up, jump feet up to hands, jump up, kick each leg out to front and touch with extended hand of opposite side. Repeat

I hope you enjoy this workout today. It is an amazing Monday to get motivated, set goals and start to keep yourself accountable. The way to extend your workouts and healthy eating beyond the typical 2 -4 weeks that most people last on their resolutions is through consistency and starting a routine that is easy. If you try and workout for hours a day it will quickly become too hard to manage. Use what you have at home and you will see results.

#ourprimallife #workoutathome #2015resolutions


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