STOP with the low fat diets PLEASE


Today I am going to vent. I am working from home right now with the TV on in the background and all Β I ever hear is “replace the full fat with low fat” “save 40 calories” “eat this low fat cereal instead of that”….instead of that avocado eat this processed low fat bag of garbage……ARGGGHHHHHH. No no no, no no no, NO NO NOOOOO! Do not do that PLEASE! No wonder Americans are so overweight! We are all fed this inaccurate information through TV shows, internet articles, nutritionists who have bought into this whole “low fat” idea. Eating low fat is what is making us FAT. Believe me!!!

Why can’t our media just encourage us to eat REAL foods!!! If it has a label on it, put it down and run away as fast as you can….if you can’t read the ingredients on the label, throw it out…..if there are more than 5(ish) ingredients in a packaged food get rid of it. Period. Instead of a package of mini cinnamon favored rice cakes that will leave you feeling hungry 2 minutes after eating them….why not eat a banana or apple with almond/peanut butter?! Instead of eating popcorn or pretzels have an avocado….yes a whole avocado. Eat up, yummy!!!! The fats in these snacks will actually leave you feeling satisfied longer!

Some good ideas for snacks: beef jerky, avocado, apple/banana with almond/peanut butter, raw nuts and seeds, hard-boiled eggs, fresh veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers, grilled chicken strips, kale chips, almond butter ants on a log, etc etc. Have fun with your snacks. The most important thing is to pack snacks for work so you don’t get tempted by the stuff left out in the kitchen for anyone to enjoy or the vending machine when you are desperate for a snack. And, if you don’t go to a workplace then pack snacks in your purse or car. This will eliminate your urge to stop at a convenient store, coffee shop, drive thru when you can’t stand listening to your stomach rumble anymore. You have to leave your house prepared with healthy snack choices πŸ™‚

Also, let’s talk about how many of us misread thirst as hunger. If it is 2:30/3 in the afternoon and you are at your desk at work or running kids around town from school to sports/music/etc…..I guarantee if you drink a large glass of water (cold or warm – warm water can often be very satisfying for many of us – add some lemon or honey ;-)) I bet you will satisfy yourself more than if you eat a less than desirable on-the-go snack. Drink up and wait a few minutes…if you are still feeling hungry THEN is the time to go for a healthy high fat satisfying snack. Eating a small amount of a snack with more substance will leave you more satisfied than a whole bag of potato chips πŸ˜‰ Stop eating empty foods….they do not satisfy our hunger because they are empty calories.

Wow, I feel so much better now that I vented a little πŸ™‚ Off to chop up an avocado and get back to the daily grind!!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

#ourprimallife #eatrealfood #fullfatsarebest #stopthislowfatgarbage


5 thoughts on “STOP with the low fat diets PLEASE

    1. gwild84 Post author

      Well that is a loaded question…..I honestly believe it is OK to have peanut butter if it doesn’t bother you….lots of people would suggest switching to almond butter. Maybe sometimes substituting almond butter in place of peanut butter would be good. But here is the thing…..if you have peanut butter a couple times a week, so be it. I would rather you eat peanut butter on a spoon, on an apple, on celery, on a banana, etc….than eat some low fat packaged snack. I would suggest not eating it as an everyday item….but then again that goes for a lot of things. Switch up your snacks. Eat sliced up avocado and tomatoes one day….the next day eat some dried fruits with a mix of raw nuts and seeds, maybe the next day chop up an apple with some peanut butter. Don’t bore yourself, keep your snacks fresh πŸ™‚

      1. Chanele Edwards

        Ahh some great advice here. Never heard of almond butter but I am going to try that. I drink almond milk instead of diary, and I do like it so i’m hoping I like this one too. yes I do mix up my snacks, I try to find ways to make them fun – that way i’m more likely to eat it. Thanks for the reply x

    1. gwild84 Post author

      Yes, i agree! Eat avocados people πŸ™‚ on dairy, if you can tolerate it than i think it is okay to eat dairy, but be mindful of it and use it as a treat not as a staple.


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