Tone Up Tuesday

This morning I woke up and could not believe that it was only Tuesday. Now you can look at that as – yay it is only Tuesday, I have almost an entire week of possibilities in front of me :)…..OR you can look at that as – only Tuesday, grrrr…you mean there are still 4 whole days until the weekend :(. Either way, it is Tuesday all day so we better make the best of it πŸ™‚ Today is a day that you will never get back….better make the BEST of it πŸ™‚ No regrets.

Today I am feeling a bit exhausted, so what better way to get pumped up than to get my body pumped up and ready to take on the world?!? Today I just want to feel some burn, hope you enjoy the burn with me!!


2 minutes Jumping Jacks

2 minutes Burpees

60 seconds High Knees

60 seconds Butt Kicks

2 minutes Jumping Rope

2 minutes Jumping Jacks


50 Squats with medicine ball or weights

40 jumping alternating lunges

40 Calf Raises


20 Bicep Curls with weight – each arm

20 Butterfly Chest Presses with weight (lying down)

20 Tricep Pulses with weight – each arm

20 Push-ups


100 Bicycle Crunches

100s Pilates

20 Frog Crunches

60 secondΒ Plank


60 second Wall-sit

40 Step ups (20 each leg)

40 Extended back leg raises – each side

20 Lying-down Outer Leg Lifts/20 Inner Leg Lifts – each side


100 Arm circles – no weight needed

20 Shoulder Presses – each side

20 Hammer Bicep Curls – each arm


60 second Boat Pose

30 Static Ball Knee Tucks

20 Table Top to Revers Pike


CONGRATS on an awesome workout. Now take a good 5 minutes to stretch out what you need to stretch out. Forward bends, torso twists, stretch out your arms, some yoga cat stretches…..stretching is so important!! I hope you enjoyed the workout and I hope that you have an awesome Tuesday!

I am including some pics of my attempt at getting more flexibility in my back AND on increasing my balance…….it will be a LONG journey, really a FOREVER journey of growth. I really just play around with poses and try and get deeper into them and enjoy just practicing at the end of a workout πŸ™‚


#ourprimallife #athomeworkouts #tonearms #tonelegs #toneabs


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