Thankful Thursday


Today I am feeling thankful. Thankful for a lot… amazing husband to share my life with. Children to raise and cherish everyday as overwhelming and hard as some days can be. A home that provides a roof over our heads and cases all of our growing memories. Dogs that whine and frustrate me beyond belief then cuddle up and give unconditional love reminding me what love is all about. A beautiful town to live in with amazing weather and beautiful mountains to marvel at every single day. A HUGE close family that although can be frustrating at times is an amazing blessing. My healthy – my family’s health. The opportunities we were provided to get a good education and to give our children a good education. Old memories that remind me of the journey that got me to where I am today…..I am just thankful for the ups and downs of life and how truly beautiful everyday is! There are many times in life when you could easily throw in the towel and give up, there are many lows that are lower than the lowest you thought you could go, there are pits you feel like you could never possibly get out of….but I promise you for every low there is a high, for every valley there is a peak awaiting you…..if you don’t live through the hard times, how are you supposed to truly appreciate the beautiful times?! I truly trust that we are only given what we can handle in life. It is so important to wake up everyday with an open heart to the possibilities of what the day holds for you. Β Set goals and follow through with achieving those goals. Find the positive in every situation, as horrible and low as it is…..find the silver lining. Most importantly breathe and smile — I need to do this more often. Smile, give the world back positive energy, create positivity in your life and your heart. Obviously, easier said than done…….

My goal today is to be positive and happy. Happiness is contagious… joyful, look people in the eyes when you are checking out at the grocery store, look at people as you walk by them in the hall of the office, engage in conversation – listen don’t talk….you never know whose life you will impact. Today I encourage you to get outside of yourself and be present with others and leave a positive impact on someone else’s day! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!!

#ourprimallife #positiveenergy #makeapositiveimpactintheworld


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