Recipe Reflection For Week of January 11-17

It was an interesting week to say the least! We tackled A LOT of new recipes. It was a fun week and we enjoyed trying new things and new tastes. We are ready to have this week of just simple meals ahead, though. πŸ˜‰

Sunday – Grain Free Hamburger Buns, Pulled BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potato Chips with Creamy Cilantro Serrano Dipping Sauce & Side Salad


We LOVED the Creamy Cilantro-Serrano Dipping Sauce!!! We are definitely going to do this again. Usually when we make sweet potato chips/fries we season them a ton and the cookbook recipe waited until after they were cooked to add some seasoning. We prefer to season before cooking the sweet potatoes ~ but they were still yummy. The chicken was delicious and carried some heat which we enjoyed. The one thing we could do without is the grain free bun. We would rather just eat the pulled BBQ chicken on a romaine lettuce cup.

Monday – Spanish Frittata with Chorizo and Side Salad


We LOVED this. We decided that this is a delicious dinner to have sometimes. We think we would alter some of the items in the frittata to mix it up a little for fun. Maybe add in some mushrooms, bell peppers, chills, etc. Also, we don’t love the tomatoes on top so instead we would likely just enjoy some freshly cut tomato slices on the side.


Tuesday – Mexican Chicken Chowder with Side Salad


This was a DELICIOUS soup. It was a little more work than some traditional soups with blending of cooked veggies to add back to the broth. BUT that being said….we LOVED this soup and will certainly make it again!

Wednesday – Warm Spinach Salad, Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with Wasabi Aoili


We loved the idea of the warm spinach salad but we think we would change up the salad a little bit. Β We love grilled chicken, so we would grill up the chicken and then sautΓ© up the veggies on the stove top and then add them all to the spinach. But love the idea of the salad and the dressing was DELICIOUS!

Thursday – Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Leeks and Pomogranate Seeds and Steamed Quinoa


This day we just did our traditional grill mahi-mahi which was delicious and then made the brussel sprouts side and quinoa. Everything was delicious. It felt like a light dinner with a good balance of nutrition and a different way of eating Brussels than we are used to.

Friday – Slow Cooker Sesame-Orange Chicken, Cauliflower Rice and Baked Broccoli


This was delicious. The chicken was amazing. We had a hard time getting the sauce to thicken up but it was still delicious. The cauliflower rice was yummy. We typically bake cauli rice, not sure which we like better. When you bake it the cauliflower crisps up more. Maybe next time we could do a combination of the two methods. As always our baked broccoli was to die for πŸ™‚

Saturday – LEFT OVERS

I forgot to account for left-overs and just LIFE getting in the way. We had leftovers and went to a college basketball game on Saturday! Much needed mental break from creating new recipes in the kitchen!!!

Hope you enjoy this little recap. I am not sure what my favorite meal was…..probably the Mexican Chicken Chowder πŸ™‚


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