Saturday Morning Walk to the Park

This morning we woke up, relaxed a little, had breakfast and then set off for a walk to the park. Luckily we live close enough to the park that we can walk up there and walk around, play, exercise, etc. But if you don’t live close enough ….. just throw everyone in the car and drive up there. Parks are a part of our cities so that we can utilize them! You don’t need a traditional gym to get a workout!! There are so many things you can do at the park….some include:

*Shuttle Runs
*Use exercise stations, playground or park benches to do some body weight exercises

Today we walked up to the park, walked to the exercise equipment and did some exercises, walked around the park back to he equipment to do some exercises, walked around and headed home. We were out of the house for an hour and got in some quality family time and a good workout!

We did step ups:

I used the middle sized platform to do alternating leg step up. At the top of the step up I bring my opposite elbow to my knee for an added oblique twist


Pull ups:

My husband did pull ups….I am still working on my upper body strength. If you can’t do a pull up you can work on your strength by hanging on the bar, trying little by little to pull up and hold as long as you can. (In the pic he is taking a break saying hi to our son πŸ˜‰ but he is over there doing pull ups!)




Reverse Push-ups:

Start with arms extended out, body at an angle, pull your body up and into the bar, then release and extend your arms back out.


Play on the monkey bars:

Don’t forget to just play too!!!


You can play tag with your kids! If there is no exercise equipment at your park you can do all of this stuff on a park bench or at a picnic table!! Just get creative and have fun!!


Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

#ourprimallife #parkworkouts #familyworkouts #exercise #fitness


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