Motivational Monday

IMG_8767Hey everyone! It has been TOO long…..I have been so busy with life that I neglected my posts. Sorry about that. But, I promise I will be consistent with these posts. I wanted to start the week off right and get a good sweat in. I am in the middle – well really beginning – of my Lent challenge. My husband and I are attempting to be STRICT paleo. Typically we live more of a primal style life. We allow ourselves dairy and live more of a life in moderation, choosing to eat healthy, real, fresh foods…limiting grains to a rare occasion. But right now we are trying to be completely PALEO for the lent season….so far it has been going so well. One thing we don’t like though is our morning coffee. *sigh* I usually put a coconut milk creamer in my coffee and my husband usually uses half ‘n half… it has been quite bland and not as exciting to wake up to. BUT adding some cinnamon truly makes a difference. That being said…..we have been on vacation skiing in Telluride, CO for the past week. So, I am in NEED of a good sweat this morning.

Monday Morning Sweat

100 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

50 Squats *last 10 jumping squats

120 Jumping Jacks

15 Burpees

60 Squats *last 10 jumping squats


15-20 push ups

40 Alternating Lunges

60 Bicycle Crunches

Repeat 2-3x


20-30 Tricep Dips

50 Step-Ups (alternating legs)

60 second Plank

Repeat 2-3x


30-50 Alternating Bicep Curls with Weight

30 Static Ball Leg Curl

30 Static Ball Knee Tucks

Repeat 2-3x


100 Jumping Jacks

5 Burpees

10 Squats

50 Jumping Jacks

5 Burpees

10 Squats

CONGRATS!!! You are done with an awesome workout that should leave you feeling awesome from head to toe! Remember to take a few minutes to stretch out once you are done. I promise you will feel the amazing results of this circuit workout. Hope you have an awesome start to your week!!

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