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Motivate My Monday – Challenge Yourself

awesome-mondayThe craziness of Halloween parties is upon us. We have already gone to 2 Halloween parties and have more to go! Halloween has become a week long event with school parties, church parties, friend parties, not to mention the actual day of Halloween! Once the Halloween parties start, I feel like it isn’t until after New Years when things really settle down again. This is the hardest time of year to stay motivated and keep with healthy routines. We decided last night that this is the best time of year to set goals and to help keep each other accountable to our goals.

The best part about setting goals is keeping them personal to you. Everyone is at different levels, so when setting a goal it is really important to know yourself and keep your goals realistic. When you set goals that are not realistic you are setting yourself up for failure. Goals are meant to motivate you in your efforts, not to discourage you. So, whatever it may be…..walk for 20 minutes, run a mile a day, practice yoga, do circuits everyday, no processed foods – only raw fresh foods, get outside in the natural light everyday…..whatever your goal is, set it. Track your goals. The best way to ensure success when you set a goal is to share your goal with a friend/spouse/trainer/coworker and to track your successes.

I decided to set a 30 day goal. My goal is to move/exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes AND to practice yoga every single day. I love the way yoga makes me feel, so I want to practice and get some more flexibility out of my body. Today I worked out in my living room and then worked on strengthening my hold in the Crow Pose. I am not claiming to be good at yoga, but I try to practice and get better because it makes me feel amazing.


It is Monday, get motivated to have a wonderful week!! Hope your week is off to a good start! Thank goodness for new beginnings! I challenge you to set a 30 day goal, starting today. Motivate yourself to be the best you that you can be.

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March 5 – DAY 18

Day 18: March 5


2 Scrambled Eggs

2 Pieces of Uncured Bacon – check ingredients for added sugar so you can find a brand that has little to none.

Morning Blend: Split with my fiance

4 oz coconut water











Homemade coffee – black 

 Snacks Packed: 

(*might seem silly but even on the weekend, packing snacks for the day can help you make good choices. Grazing is always a dangerous thing.)

Raw Almonds

Red Seedless Grapes

STUFFED for lunch ~ whenever I eat a high fat breakfast I stay full until about 2-3 in the afternoon and then enjoy a healthy snack. 


Chicken & Steak

Sauteed Mushrooms

Salad: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers (no dressing) 

Slept well – 8+ hours 

(* sleep is a weird thing….I feel like I need more sleep BUT if I get more than 8 hours it usually negatively affects my day. I need around 7-8 hours of sleep to have a positively productive day. Get in tune with your body and figure out what your perfect night sleep looks like and make it a priority. Some people are 5 hours and some are 10. Sleep is SO important to restoring your body and energizing yourself to start new in the morning)

 High: 80* Beautiful day – loving the warm weather

March 4 – DAY 17

Day 17 – March 4

My fiance comes home today for a MONTH! I am beyond excited!!!!!!! We have been living long distance for 8 months and I get him home for an ENTIRE month!! YAY, my spirits are raised!

My morning Blend:

4 oz coconut water





1/2 Apples





Homemade Coffee – Black

Snacks I packed for the day:

Handful of Raw Almonds


2 Dates

Red Grapes


BBQ Chicken

Brocolli Steamed with lemon squeezed on top for flavor

Slept 8 hours – I had a great night sleep. I was so happy and anxious for my fiance to get home that I was exhausted from all of those tiring emotions. I am a happy girl. I feel emotionally and physically amazing. My fiance definitely noticed a difference in my body! My core even after 17 days of this strict eating looks so strong and feels unbelievable. I feel better at 28 than I ever have!

High 73* – beautiful day!

Hope you all are doing great! Keep your spirits up! Believe in yourself and make the choice to better your life for YOU and no one else!

March 3 – DAY 16

Day 16: March 3



Grain Free Granola – seriously the best stuff ever.

Homemade Coffee – Black

**With stuff like nuts and grain free granola, fruits, etc…..if you are trying to lose weight or get even more toned, limit your intake on these items.

Cleaned my entire house from top to bottom – that was my workout. I even went to my parents and used their washer to do my comforter (to multi-task) ;-/ flooded the laundry room and  had to pull out the washer, dryer and refrigerator to clean under them. That was a big unexpected workout.

(Best thing about cleaning, gardening, etc…… don’t realize what an amazing workout you are getting until you wake up the next day and are sore ALL over!)

Lunch: Paradise Bakery with Family

Chopped Chicken Cobb Salad w Avocado – no gorgonzola






-Squeezed fresh lemon for dressing



2 eggs scrambled

1/2 Avocado

Fresh Salsa

This is just so FRESH and DELICIOUS. Ending your day with a meal like this just makes me feel absolutely healthy and on top of the world. Feeling happy, optimistic, healthy, blessed…..

High – 84* It is warming up here! Cannot wait for it to get a little bit hotter for swimming season 🙂 Hope you all are having a wonderful and healthy day!

March 2 – DAY 15

Day 15: March 2



Grilled Chicken


Homemade Coffee – Black

Took my daughter to the Bloc climbing wall for their free climbing time. We got in an hour and then were too sore to do any more so – then went to the park to play.

Chased my daughter and nieces playing tag

Got home – showered quickly because I was nearly late to my – Mary Kay training event 🙂 Made it just in time. I need to learn to allow extra time so I am not rushing and stressing.

Eating on the go: apple, raw almonds, water – when you are really busy it benefits you greatly to pack snacks in your purse/car that are healthy.

Dinner (early):

2 scrambled eggs

2 pieces of bacon

High today 84* – it is absolutely beautiful and encourages happiness.

Slept for 7 hours and 15 min – really well. Woke up feeling good. I have come to realize I need over 7 hours and under 9 hours of sleep to feel good in the morning, Anymore more or less messes up my schedule.

Hope you all have a happy day!

March 1: DAY 14

Morning Workout – 12 min
Atomic Sit-ups
Flutter Kicks
Banana, Cuties
Homemade Coffee – Black
Grilled Chicken
Apple, Grain Free Granola
  • I am really not hungry, so I am probably going to eat a bigger dinner.
Snack – Raw Almonds
3 scrambled eggs with red bell peppers and green onion
2 bacon pieces
I ate way too much!!!!! My eyes were too big for my stomach!!!! The great thing is that the eating did not make me sleepy. When I used to eat too much pasta or too much of a sandwich or something it would leave me feeling paralyzed. I do not feel like that at all.
I went to a Mary Kay training event for fun and feel positive about creating my own success and happiness whatever way I see fit!
Workout: 15 minute circuits (3 min, 6 sets)
20 squats
20 sit-ups
10 push-ups
20 lunges
40 flutter kicks
40 jumping jacks
Arms x2 sets with 10 lb weights
10 bicept curls each
10 shoulder presses
10 tricep pushes
1 square of dark chocolate
High 87* – It was a beautiful day! I am feeling really positive and energetic.
I slept really well! I got 8 hours and slept hard! It was a good day to catch up on much needed sound sleep! I love Friday nights! I hope you all are having a successful and positive day!
Remember, your body and mind will feel a LOT better later if you make positive good choices now! I can’t tell you how often I watch people eat HUGE bowls of spaghetti or a HUGE piece of cake and about 20 minutes later feel horrible. I am on DAY 14 and haven’t felt that icky regret disgust feeling in 14 days now.

February 28 – DAY 13

Day 13: February 28
Homemade Coffee – Black
Homemade Grain-free Granola
No lunch – cuties, apple, almonds snacks
I often feel more energetic when I have meaningful snacks throughout my day rather than sitting down and having a structured lunch.
Dinner –
2 pieces of bacon
3 scrambled eggs with red bell pepper and green onion – cooked in bacon grease.
seasoned with black pepper
Breakfast for dinner is a SURE THING. The kids are always happy to do crazy things like having breakfast foods at dinner time 😀
Dessert – piece of dark chocolate
*Not ready to fully fast – but I am trying to mentally prepare myself for fasting. I believe for me personally that fasting could be a really positive thing in my routine.
High 66*
Didn’t work out – attempted to but was too tired. My treadmill needs to be lubed…… I am going to get that tomorrow and not be able to use it as an excuse any longer!
***I realized after 2 months on this lifestyle that it was GREAT to just go out and walk a mile and do some circuit body weight exercises at my house. I realized I did not have to kill myself on the treadmill to get the results I want.
Slept good until my daughter got in bed with me at 3 am. 7.5 hours. Need some good sleep this weekend. I am putting the finishing touches on my house getting ready for my fiance to move in on Monday! SO exciting!!
At this point this lifestyle is just a routine. I definitely need to spice up my cooking and get new things on my plate just for fun but I really am not missing grains and dairy much at all anymore! How wonderful is that!?!?!
Happy eating everyone.