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67 Day Till “I Do”

I cannot believe that in just 67 Days we will be married. That is so exciting!! It also made me realize how serious I need to get about eating clean and having good workouts. Don’t get me wrong we eat really well on a regular basis, but seeing as I am going to be in a wedding gown in a very short time…….I probably need to cut out the dark chocolate treats πŸ˜‰ I often have to remind myself that treats are a sometimes thing, not an every night thing…that is why it is a treat.

I woke up a little late this morning but I was still determined to get a workout in. Even though I didn’t get to do the entire workout I had planned the night before I still feel amazing!

I started with a 2 mile walk/jog around the neighborhood with our dogs. It is getting REALLY hot here in Arizona so I do this as early in the morning as I can possibly stand waking up.

Once we got home I was running low on time so I started with

10 push-ups

then, I did ONE Lower Body Pyramid. Usually I like to do 3 – 5 sets of this BUT with limited time I feel it is better to do something than nothing.

20 body weight squats

30 lunges (15 each leg) alternating

40 calf raises

50 second wall sit

100 jumping jacks

50 second wall sit

40 calf raises

30 lunges (15 each leg) alternating

20 body weight squats

And I finished it with 10 push-ups. 50 crunches, and 50 bicycles.

At this point I was feeling amazing! BUT I realized last night that I need to work on my pull-ups! I can’t even do ONE. So, my fiance suggested that I pull myself up and hold the position as long as possible. (see image below) In order to accomplish this I had to use a chair :-/ I only had a short amount of time so I used a chair to get myself into the pull-up position at the top of the position and held it for 20 seconds, 3 times. My goal is to perfect my pull-ups!


Photo from Carter Fitness Magazine

Happy training to all of you!


Wedding Plan

Our wedding day and honeymoon are quickly approaching. We are so thrilled and SUPER busy trying to pull everything together. When things get crazy it is always best to have a plan for your dietary intake and exercise. It doesn’t have to be a plan that takes up time either. The more simple you make your life often the more success you are with desired results.

Personally I LOVE nuts and fruit. I could eat them ALL day long. So, although they are not an issue to my weight at this point I have decided to limit my nut and fruit intake while trying to get as lean as possible for our wedding and honeymoon. I have a really hard time limiting these, so what I am going to do is put raw almonds and Brazilian nuts in a container for work and allow myself only the amount I place in the container for the entire day. Simple, right? I will do the same with my fruits. I will pack two servings of fruit a day and limit myself to only those. My focus is to consume more vegetables, meats and fish. I am really looking forward to this change in my daily diet. I predict within the first 10 days I will feel and look considerably more lean.

For exercise I am committing to a walk/jog every morning. I do this already so I am not adding anything to my plate. But I will need to wake up early enough to leave time for either circuit workouts of pyramid workouts. I will alternate to focus on different muscles and really get a full body workout over the course of a few days. THIS is the kicker…….don’t waste time. If you are waiting on something to download on your computer, something in the oven/microwave, your coffee to brew, laundry, etc… something. My goal is to take advantage of those small amounts of time by doing crunches, wall sits, jumping jacks, anything that gets my muscles burning. Even if it is just for 30 – 60 seconds doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Here goes the countdown to “I Do” and a week in a bikini in Paradise.