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Collard Greens – Egg & Bacon Wrap

Today I tried out a twist on the beloved breakfast burrito. I have been really curious about using collard greens as a replacement to the tortilla in a wrap….so, I finally tried it. Does it taste just the same as if I had used a tortilla….no, but I wasn’t expecting it to. It was very yummy and left me feeling full but not stuffed. I can’t tell you how much I hate the feeling of being stuffed after eating. Being pleasantly full is the goal!

Collard Green – Egg & Bacon Wrap


3 Eggs



2 pieces of Bacon

1/2 small vine Tomato

Shaved Carrots




1 Collard Green Leaf


Turn oven to 400* (do not preheat). Get bacon out on a baking sheet and put in over. Check at 15 minutes. Depending on the cut size of your bacon it should take between 15-20 minutes to cook.


Lay out collard green and cut off the end of the stem and then carefully cut the middle ribbing down so that the green lays flat.



Bring water to a simmer/boil in a pot large enough to fit your collard green. On the side have a boil of ice water. Place your collard green in the simmering water for 1-3 minutes. Be careful not to cook too long, but you want to cook it long enough that it is pliable and easy to fold. Once it has been in the simmering water for long enough take it out and place it in the cold water for 10-30 seconds. Then towel dry the leaf and set aside.


Make three scrambled eggs using pepper and turmeric to season.

Lay out leaf and spread some mashed up avocado/guacamole on it, place your shaved carrots and tomatoes next.


Then add on your scrambled eggs, bacon, salsa/cholula.


Once you have everything on the leaf, wrap up the leaf. Start by wrapping in the ends of the wrapΒ first and then wrap the sides.



I used toothpicks to secure the wrap and make it easier to eat without falling apart on me.


ENJOY your delicious and nutritions meal!!

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