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Drink More Water

Drinking water is so important!! But lets be honest, how many of us drink as much water daily as we should? Probably VERY few of us, or none! Sometimes it just doesn’t sound appealing to drink plain water all day. But I also do not like the idea of using the liquid flavors either, because who knows what garbage is in those! So, I have a solution for you……make your own delicious flavored water!!!


I found this awesome water jug at Home Goods, but you can find them anywhere. (Just search water infuser jug and the options are endless.) What you do is fill up the compartment with whatever you would like to infuse your water with and then just add water. Let it sit and as the week goes on you will have the most delicious flavored water ever! This one has strawberries, raspberries and mint in it. Other ideas are: lemon, oranges, cilantro, pineapple, limes, etc etc. Just be creative. I promise you will enjoy drinking your daily water when it tastes like this!!!

Hope this little tip will allow you to enjoy your daily water a little more! 🙂