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End 2014 Strong – Workout At Home With Me!

It is so easy to just give up and say that you will exercise more or eat healthier or live a healthier lifestyle in 2015. But why not start today?!? If you start today you will almost be done with the first 30 days of setting a new lifestyle for yourself. If you stay strong and workout for 30 days straight you will build a habit in your life. All you need to do is get in the habit of working out and eating healthy and it will forever be a part of you.

Working out does not have to mean driving 15-30 minutes to the gym, working out next to people who stare at themselves in the mirror and socialize and make it a beauty contest…. and then drive back home 15-30 minutes. That seems like a lot of wasted time!! All you need is to get moving at home. Build workout routines in your bedroom, basement, living room, backyard, wherever you want. You do not have to leave home to get fit. BUT you have to remember that if you and I work out the same amount of time for 30 days and one of us eats a healthy diet of good fats, veggies, fruits and grass-fed organic meats and the other one of us eats a low-fat (ish) diet Β with pastas, breads, lots of carbs, sugars, processed foods there WILL be a difference in how we look at the end of the 30 days. I cannot emphasize to you enough how important your diet is to your health and your physique!

Happy hump day people! Lets get our bodies moving!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

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Get FIT at Home

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day! There are officially 23 days left of 2014….that is 23 days left to end the year on a positive note. I challenge all of you to workout/move at least 20-30 minutes every single day for the rest of the year! There is absolutely NO reason to wait until 2015 to get in shape, to get healthy, to make yourself better. TODAY is the day! I will post at home workouts everyday for the next 23 days that you can follow. You don’t even have to think! You can just follow these workouts and start your journey to a stronger healthier you!

Todays workout is meant to hit the whole body. There is a cardio warm up then 2-3 sets of body weight strength training and a cardio warm down. Remember to rest when you need it and to hydrate. I cannot emphasize to you all how important it is to stay adequately hydrated for your workouts.

Let’s Workout


100 Jumping Jacks

60 second Mountain Climbers

15 Burpees

100 Low Jacks

60 second High Knees

15 Burpees

60 second Speed Skaters

Interval Sets (Complete the set 2-3 times – with breaks in-between sets)

50 Squats – last 10 jumping squats

100 Bicycle Crunches

50 Bicep Curls – 25 each arm

100 Alternating Forward Lunges

30 Static Ball Knee Tucks

30 Tricep Dips

100 Calf Raises – 50 each leg

60 Single Leg Bridge – 30 each side

20 Push-ups

Warm- Down

100 Jumping Jacks

60 second Mountain Climbers

15 Burpees

100 Low Jacks

60 second High Knees

15 Burpees

60 second Speed Skaters

If you have it in you – which you do because all it takes is mental strength finish your workout with a plank. Time yourself and see how long you can hold it. Set 60 seconds as your goal but try and go beyond that mark.

CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing workout! Hope you feel amazing!!!! Have an awesome day!

Circuit Workout Thursday

If any of you are feeling the way I am then you will benefit from this circuit workout today. The holidays are the most joyous time of year…but lets be honest, they also pack in extra stress, packed schedules, poor eating, lack of sleep, decrease in exercise, etc. All of a sudden you wake up on January 1st and realize it has been a month since you worked out, a month of poor eating habits, a month of bad sleep, a month of a jam packed stressful joyous holiday season. So, in order to help bring down your stress levels and sleep better I encourage you to workout! Circuits are great workouts because they usually are quick, painful, and efficient. If you don’t feel the burn you need to work harder or increase your reps. πŸ™‚

I encourage you to wake up every morning and do a few rounds of a circuit exercise. Literally it would mean waking up about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled and in return you will feel so much more energized and ready to take on your fun, crazy, jam packed joyous holiday season! Starting your day on a positive note and drawing positive energy into your body can only bring amazing things!

It is a rainy day here and it would be easy to just use that as an excuse to not get sweaty today, BUT I choose to not let weather be my excuse! The best part about rain is that when you are done with your workout you can walk outside into the rain and it feels amazing!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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My Food Pyramid

I will be the first to admit that a couple of years ago I was eating a bagel running out the door in the morning, bringing frozen meals to work for lunch and eating bread with dinner every night, and enjoying things like pasta regularly. I worked out, yet my body didn’t change. I really didn’t get it. I would try and cut out tons of calories and feel hungry all of the time and still not lose weight. What in the world was the problem? I mean, occasionally I would have some sweets from the office kitchen stash but not enough in my mind to make it so I couldn’t lose weight or tone my body. Maybe it was just that I wasn’t 16 anymore and my body just wasn’t going to get as fit as it could when I was younger? Every thought would run through my mind.

When I met my husband he introduced me to his way of eating, he was closer to primal than anything. So I started to research this whole paleo/primal concept and began to ask tons of questions. My biggest question was “How is that healthy for you?” mainly because I had been trained to eat the way most Americans do……BUT lets face it, that isn’t working for the majority of people! So I started to gradually follow this way of life. The first thing I noticed was that after eating clean for a few days and then going out to lunch or dinner and ordering my usual I would feel awful. The food that I was so accustomed to eating was now making me feel like garbage. So, I started to follow a modified primal lifestyle and I felt so much better. My body even changed. It was mind boggling that with eating MORE fats (healthy fats) I would lose inches around my waste and legs. CRAZY!

Eventually, because I like challenges and was curious I did a strict 30 day Paleo challenge. So instead of allowing myself a little high fat dairy and such I cut it out and went strict Paleo. I was scared at first, but honestly it really wasn’t that hard AND I felt amazing. My goal was to see how it would change my body. I ended up super busy at work that 30 days and only ended up working out a handful of times, and crazy enough my body changed. I built muscle and shed fat. What in the world!!! This was the point in my journey that I realized how important your dietary intake is to your health above and beyond your physical activity. Don’t get me wrong being active is SO important, but health starts in the kitchen.

I put together this food pyramid. I kept rearranging it because I wasn’t sure how to put it into a traditional food pyramid. But I am happy with this layout. In my mind there are basically four categories that should be the staples to your dietary life: vegetables, fruits, lean meats/fish/eggs, and healthy fats. The rest is just added variation for you to spice up your life. If you can imagine your dinner plate I want you to try next time to fill up at least half of it with your vegetables, about a third of it with your meat and the remaining sixth of it with a fruit or even a starch like sweet potatoes. Try and make the main point of attraction in your day your veggies. I will give you a sample day:


3 eggs with Avocado and tomato slices


Side of berries

Snack: either in morning or afternoon

Cottage Cheese with handful of Nuts & Seeds

Drizzle with a small amount of honey


Grilled Chicken over Spinach or Kale with Lemon Juice drizzled over it

Cooked or Raw Veggies – carrots/turnips/cabbage/bell peppers


Grass-fed Beef or Fish

Cooked Veggies – brussel sprouts/asparagus/mushrooms/broccoli/zucchini

**cook veggies in either bacon fat, olive oil or coconut oil

The reason I say snack either in morning or afternoon is because we often eat too much out of boredom when we really do not need the food energy. I encourage you to try and think of food as fuel for your body. We eat to fuel our bodies to get through our days, period. We have made food/eating too much of a social setting and often forget that the purpose of our intake is to simply fuel our bodies to operate through the day. Also remember to drink enough water. It is so important to stay adequately hydrated.

Lets touch on Herbs & Spices – we use tons of these in our household. We season everything we eat. We add turmeric and pepper to our eggs in the morning, we put paprika, garlic, pepper, chili powder, cayenne, etc on our veggies and meats. We make sauces out of healthy fats, spices and herbs, and acidic lemon/lime juice. It becomes fun to put together recipes and see what is yummy and what needs a little work. πŸ™‚

I leave you with this…..try to eat this breakdown of food for 10 days and see how you feel. I promise you that you will feel amazing!

40% Vegetables

20% Lean Meats/Fish/Eggs

20% Fruits

10% Healthy Fats

5% Herbs and Spices

5% High Fat Dairy/Nuts/Seeds

Enjoy your food but do not live to eat, try and live by the mentality that we EAT TO LIVE!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Home Workout Wednesday

imagesHappy hump day people! What better day to get your energy revved up than today!?! For whatever reason Wednesdays are one of the hardest days to get through, especially to have a positive attitude. Add some positive energy to your day by getting your heart rate up and feel amazing.

All you need is yourself and your choice of resistance bands or weights. Even if you don’t have either of these at home you can just do it with no added weight OR grab something at home to use as a weight. Think outside the box! Grab a water bottle filled with water for extra weight, your laundry soap bottle, anything that you can hold onto and use as resistance.

Remember every workout isn’t suited for everyone. Take your time. If you would rather do each exercise for 30-60 second intervals instead of the given reps until you build up endurance, that is a great idea. Remember no one ever regretted doing a workout, and no one can just start at Level 10, you have to give yourself the opportunity to work up to your highest potential and then once you get there, you have to set a new high.

Enjoy this HUMP DAY WORKOUT! Remember to hydrate.

100 Jumping Jacks

30 Sec High Knees

30 Sec Butt Kicks

100 Low Jacks (you are in a lower position here, get lower into your squat jump with your legs and instead of bringing arms over head start them together bent in front of you and when you jump your legs out press your arms back in a bent position so your are doing a back press) – arms stay bent with hands facing the ceiling the whole time

60 sec Side to Side Moving Squats

50 Bicycle Abs

100s (pilates Abs)

50 count – Sumo Squat with Oblique Bend (sit down into sumo squat and put hands behind head alternate bending elbow down to back of the thigh) – 25 each side

25 Bicep Curls *weight or resistance band

25 Shoulder Presses *weight or resistance band

25 Bicep Hammers *weight or resistance band

25 Tricep Presses (behind back) *weight or resistance band

50 crunches

40 Crunchy Frog Abs

50 count – Sumo Squats with oblique hand touches. (in sumo squat bend down and bring right hand to the ground behind your right thigh and left hand straight up in air above head, repeat on left side)

20 static lunges with weight

50 squats with weight

60 sec wall sit

50 Russian twists

50 alternating leg raises Abs – straight legs

50 toe touches abs (pilates)

30 burpees

2+ sun salutations (yoga – forward bend, kick legs back to plank, vinyasa push up, upward down, downward dog, jump feet back to hands, return to standing)

Seated Forward bend (both legs together, or alternating each leg)

Seated Twist – each side

Pigeon – each side


Hope you enjoyed the workout! Keep with it. If you couldn’t get through all of the reps come back and try it again in a week and see how much you have grown. Stick with it!

Hope you have an incredible and positive Wednesday! Drink lots of water πŸ™‚

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Fun Fitness Date Night

IMG_7541When you think of a date night I am sure the first thing that comes to your mind is not sweating it out in a fitness class. I decided to surprise my husband with a date night and researched all different types of fitness classes we could take, from beginners hip hop to spin to a TRX Skills class. I decided that the TRX class would be super fun, different, and right up our alley. We do a lot of body weight exercises at home and this is the epitome of body weight resistance training.

My husband came home after work anticipating that I would be all dressed up…but he found me in my gym clothes. He immediately got very thrown off. He was sure we were going to a show or a nice dinner or something. But his crazy wife had a much different idea for the night πŸ˜‰ He threw on his gym clothes and we were off….when we got to the dance studio I finally told him what we were going to be doing on our date. He was thrilled. We have read up on TRX but had never tried it. So, the anxious nervous excited emotions set in as we waited for the class.

We walked in and the instructor immediately realized that we had theΒ deers in headlights going on,Β having never done this before. Honestly, I naturally get intimidated trying new things, feeling like I don’t know how to do them….but ALWAYS the trainers are super helpful. Once again the trainers want you to succeed. They want you to enjoy yourself and have a positive experience in their class. So off we went on this 60 minute journey. The class pushed us like we hadn’t been pushed in a long time, we were both dripping sweat and beet red at the end of the class (picture up top is after the class)……and we couldn’t have felt any more amazing than we did at the end of our date. This was probably one of the most fun date nights we have had in a long time because we got out together and challenged ourselves. We grow from our new experiences and there isn’t anyone else I would want to grow with than my husband. Next time you plan a date night think outside the box and do something together where you can push each other and enjoy each others companionship.

I encourage you to try new things. Change up your routine a little and take a class or do a video in an area of fitness that you have never tried. Get outside of your comfort zone and enjoy what the world has to offer.

If you want to read up more on TRX here is a link for you to check out:


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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Motivate My Monday – Challenge Yourself

awesome-mondayThe craziness of Halloween parties is upon us. We have already gone to 2 Halloween parties and have more to go! Halloween has become a week long event with school parties, church parties, friend parties, not to mention the actual day of Halloween! Once the Halloween parties start, I feel like it isn’t until after New Years when things really settle down again. This is the hardest time of year to stay motivated and keep with healthy routines. We decided last night that this is the best time of year to set goals and to help keep each other accountable to our goals.

The best part about setting goals is keeping them personal to you. Everyone is at different levels, so when setting a goal it is really important to know yourself and keep your goals realistic. When you set goals that are not realistic you are setting yourself up for failure. Goals are meant to motivate you in your efforts, not to discourage you. So, whatever it may be…..walk for 20 minutes, run a mile a day, practice yoga, do circuits everyday, no processed foods – only raw fresh foods, get outside in the natural light everyday…..whatever your goal is, set it. Track your goals. The best way to ensure success when you set a goal is to share your goal with a friend/spouse/trainer/coworker and to track your successes.

I decided to set a 30 day goal. My goal is to move/exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes AND to practice yoga every single day. I love the way yoga makes me feel, so I want to practice and get some more flexibility out of my body. Today I worked out in my living room and then worked on strengthening my hold in the Crow Pose. I am not claiming to be good at yoga, but I try to practice and get better because it makes me feel amazing.


It is Monday, get motivated to have a wonderful week!! Hope your week is off to a good start! Thank goodness for new beginnings! I challenge you to set a 30 day goal, starting today. Motivate yourself to be the best you that you can be.

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