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20 Minute Workout – WILL Leave You Burning Tomorrow

WednesdayIf you are the type that doesn’t want to give an hour or two to the gym to stay in shape……then, you will LOVE this workout. It will literally take you under 20 minutes (you have to flow through it quickly) and you will have a full body workout and it will leave you feeling amazing. You do not have to sludge it out in the gym for half the day to get in a good workout and build a fit body. All you need is yourself and 20 minutes! I promise that you will wake up feeling it tomorrow! Let’s get this workout started!!!!!

20 Minute Whole Body Blast

25 Jumping In ‘n Out Squats


60 Bicycle Crunches

100 Jumping Jacks

15 Single Leg Bridges (each side)


100 Jumping Jacks

15-20 Push ups

40 Alternating Forward Lunges

15-20 Bicep Dips – use chair or coffee table and use your body weight

50 Squats

70 Bicycle Crunches

100 Jumping Jacks

20 Single Leg Bridges (each side)

100 Jumping Jacks

15-20 Push ups

40 Alternating Backward Lunges

15-20 Bicep Dips

60 second Boat Pose

60 Second Plank

50 Crunches

Just like that you have yourself a full body workout that will leave you feeling energized! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Cardio – At Home

quotes-motivational-List-of-top-30-motivational-quotes-16Hey everyone! Hope everyone is able to enjoy this beautiful Tuesday as much as me! Out here in Arizona we are having beautifully warm weather. Perfect for feeling like Spring is coming……and a good cardio workout. My baby boy and I are listening to some music with the door open and the warm sun beating in on us. Ideal time to get sweaty πŸ˜‰

Cardio Burn

*Keep going through these exercises with as little rest time between as possible.

2 minutes Jump Rope

100 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

3 minutes Jump Rope

120 Jumping Jacks

20 Burpees

10 Jumping Squats

30 seconds Mountain Climbers

30 seconds Elbow Plank Jacks

30 seconds High Knees

30 seconds Butt Kicks

60 Bicycle Crunches

60 second Plank

60 seconds Jump Rope

100 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

CONGRATS! You just completed an awesome cardio routine! I hope you feel amazing in under 30 minutes!! Remember to focus on your form. It is better to do 10 burpees with good form and effort than to do 20 burpees that are poor form and that you aren’t putting your entire efforts into. Happy and healthy Tuesday to you all!

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Plank It Out – PLANKS For Days!

I love planks!! Mostly because they truly kick your butt! Who knew a plank could be SO hard?! There are so many fun ways to change up planks – so today I thought I would do a plank challenge :-/ LOTS of different plank moves to keep from getting bored. Here we go….lets plank!!! Remember DO NOT hold your breath when you are planking – you need to control your breathing. If you hold your breath the exercise becomes even more difficult and your posture is compromised.


Warm Up:

3 minute jump rope

100 jumping jacks

60 second high knees

Set One:

60 second elbow plank


60 second side elbow plank – each side


20 reps elbow plank with leg lift – each side


Set Two:

20 reps side elbow plank with knee tucks – each side


20 reps elbow plank with arm reach – each side


30 second hold – plank with knee tuck to chest – each side


Set Three:

60 second straight arm plank


30 plank jacks


30 second hold – plank with right knee to left elbow – repeat on opposite side


Set Four:

30 reps – elbow plank with donkey kicks – each side


30 reps – stability ball knee tuck


30 reps – reverse lunge with leg lifts – each side


Finish your workout off with a 60 second plank hold!

CONGRATS you just did an amazing job on working out your core! It is so important to keep your core strong to support your entire body!!! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday

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Leg Burn Workout

Today is the day that your legs are going to burn, and oh that burn feels SO good. Normally I enjoy a workout that targets your entire body, but it is always fun to change it up and target those areas that easily could use more attention! This workout is ensured to leave your legs and rear feeling the burn. You can always make any exercise more challenging by adding hand weights while you do the exercise, and/or by adding reps, and/or by adding hops to the exercise. For example: instead of doing squats do jumping squats, or add little hops after every lunge.

A new exercises that I haven’t mentioned before:

Cross body mountain climbers: you will position yourself in a plank like position as you do with mountain climbers but you will bring your right knee up to your leg elbow, return it to starting positions, then bring your left knee up to your right elbow, rerun it to starting position and repeat.


Enjoy this workout! Remember to drink lots of water and stretch out your legs after the workout so that you do not get too stiff! Hope you have a fabulous Thursday and you feel the BURN!!

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Get FIT at Home

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day! There are officially 23 days left of 2014….that is 23 days left to end the year on a positive note. I challenge all of you to workout/move at least 20-30 minutes every single day for the rest of the year! There is absolutely NO reason to wait until 2015 to get in shape, to get healthy, to make yourself better. TODAY is the day! I will post at home workouts everyday for the next 23 days that you can follow. You don’t even have to think! You can just follow these workouts and start your journey to a stronger healthier you!

Todays workout is meant to hit the whole body. There is a cardio warm up then 2-3 sets of body weight strength training and a cardio warm down. Remember to rest when you need it and to hydrate. I cannot emphasize to you all how important it is to stay adequately hydrated for your workouts.

Let’s Workout


100 Jumping Jacks

60 second Mountain Climbers

15 Burpees

100 Low Jacks

60 second High Knees

15 Burpees

60 second Speed Skaters

Interval Sets (Complete the set 2-3 times – with breaks in-between sets)

50 Squats – last 10 jumping squats

100 Bicycle Crunches

50 Bicep Curls – 25 each arm

100 Alternating Forward Lunges

30 Static Ball Knee Tucks

30 Tricep Dips

100 Calf Raises – 50 each leg

60 Single Leg Bridge – 30 each side

20 Push-ups

Warm- Down

100 Jumping Jacks

60 second Mountain Climbers

15 Burpees

100 Low Jacks

60 second High Knees

15 Burpees

60 second Speed Skaters

If you have it in you – which you do because all it takes is mental strength finish your workout with a plank. Time yourself and see how long you can hold it. Set 60 seconds as your goal but try and go beyond that mark.

CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing workout! Hope you feel amazing!!!! Have an awesome day!

Leg/Butt Workout


I love the full body workout days and how amazing you feel all over your body. But there is something rewarding about taking a day to just focus on one area. Today I am going to focus on the lower body!!! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a nice butt and legs?! Β Even though we are focusing on the lower body it is still important to warm up your whole body!

Get some water and let’s get started on an awesome burn!!

Warm Up:

60 seconds – Jumping Jacks

60 seconds – High Knees

60 seconds – Butt Kicks

60 seconds – Line Hop (Put something on the ground, rope/toy/shoe, and hop over it back and forth)

60 seconds – Burpees

120 seconds – Jumping Rope

Leg Workout Routine:

*you can add weight to any of these exercises by holding bumbbells to make it more advanced

30 squats

5 reps Around the World Lunges – Each Side (left leg stays anchored while right left steps into forward lunge at 12 o’clock then back to center, right leg goes out to 3 o’clock into a side lunge then back to center, right leg goes back to 6 o’clock into a backward lunge then back to center) – this is one reps

20 Calf Raises – each side


15 Uneven Squats – each side (put one leg on a slightly higher surface than the other leg for squat – repeat on each side)

20 Backward Lunges with Forward Kick – each leg

20 Box Jumps – find a stable surface at home you can jump up onto


30 Static Ball Knee Tuck to Chest

30 Static Ball Leg Curl Heel to Butt/Hips Up

30 Side Lying Leg Lifts Β (15 top leg lifts outer thigh, 15 lower leg lifts inner thigh) – each side


30 Bridge Pelvic Lifts – last one hold and pulse 12 times at the top

Sumo Squat with 30 Toe Pulses

25 Extended Backward Leg Raises – each side


25 Step Ups – each side

60 seconds – Speed Skaters

60 seconds – Wall Sit

30 Supermans- lying on stomach lift arms, chest and legs so that your torso is the only point of contact on the ground, squeeze back and flutes – release and repeat

Don’t forget to STRETCH IT OUT however you best like to stretch your legs!!!

GREAT JOB! I hope your legs and butt are burning and feel a little like jello! Leg day is the best day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this leg day workout and have a FABULOUS Thursday!!!

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Workout on Vacation


The majority of people think of vacation as a week off of exercise and diet, but why? You finally have time available to have an un-stressed workout, isn’t that the time when we should get in some good healthy movement for our bodies and minds? We leave behind a lot of life’s stresses when we go on vacation and exercise creates so much positive energy in the body, it seems like the ideal time to rev up your body and energy levels. Believe it or not exercising will actually increase your relaxation and your overall positive mentality.

The great thing is that you really do not need anything for a good workout. Just yourself, an open positive mind and some water πŸ˜‰ if you don’t have the open positive mind I guarantee you will be closer to that point after your workout!

This is just an example of a basic exercise that I did this morning in my hotel room in VEGAS of all places! Unfortunately it was cut a little short because my son started to fuss….but I at least got myself going and sweating and feel amazing! I encourage you to seize the opportunity on vacations to get moving!

100 jumping jacks
90 sec jump rope – without rope just the motion
45 sec high knees
45 sec butt kicks
100 low jacks

Skaters – 30 each side
15 Burpees

50 bicycle crunches
100s – pilates style abs
50 crunches
50 alt straight legs – ab exercise

25 static lunges each side
25 calf raises each side
25 step ups each side – use a chair in the room
25 extended back leg raises each side – either hold onto the counter in the bathroom and do standing -OR- get down on all fours and do leg raises

30 tricep dips – side of chair or bathtub
15 push-ups

30 sec side plank each side
60 sec full plank
30 sec elbow plank

50 squats

And now I feel amazing and ready to walk around crazy Las Vegas!!! I could have kept going but I had to tend to my son….but this was just enough! I encourage you to think outside the box. Whether it be on vacation or in your cubicle at work, movement is so healthy for your body and mind!

Hope you all have an amazing manic Monday! Be positive and drink water!! ☺️


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